What is free masonry?
Fatwa No: 82344

  • Fatwa Date:13-3-2001 - Thul-Hijjah 18, 1421
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1. What is free masonry? What is its aim?2. Is it Sunnah for a Muslim girl to talk with a boy? Muslim girl talking with boys.


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.
Free masonry is a Jewish secret organization known for its ambiguity and its well-ordered system. Its aim is to ensure the supremacy of Jews over the world. It preaches atheism, society disintegration and perversity. This organization chooses its members among the well-known personalities, that could influence the political, economic or social trends. The Simplified Encyclopedia written and published from WAMY (World Assembly of Muslim Youth K.S.A.) states that the founder of this organization is Herdous Akriba (44 AD) a Roman king with the help of his Jewish assistants. So, it was first founded on cunning, deceit and disguise. It chose a code of symbols, names and signs to spread fear and make people believe in misinformation. The Rabbi Laquiz said: "Free-masony is Jewish in its history, its ranking procedures, its learnings, its secret code and its superficial work… It is Jewish from head to toe. It was first called: "The secret power whose aim was to punish the Christians, to assassinate them, to exile them and to prevent their religion from spreading. Now, it has taken this name (Free masony) for several centuries". The term "mason" means the one who builds houses. So "Free masons" means the masons who are free. This was actually a syndicate through which they were doing their job. But now the name is free from this connotation. These were the first beginnings of this organization. But things evolved since 177 AD when Adam Webshawit, a Christian who became an atheist, was attracted by this organization which he thought could help him dominate the whole world. This project was last achieved in 1776 AD, and the first board was established in that period (The Torani board) named after the Satan that they worship. In fact, Webshawit was the first one who set the contemporary planning of the free-masonry.
The most important objectives and beliefs of the members of this organization are:
1. They consider the belief in Allah, the Messengers and the Books as nonsense and they disbelieve in all the unseen.
2. They endeavor to change governments in order to put a government that backs them and accepts their line of thought.
3. They preach sexual libertinism and see the woman as a means of dominance.
4. They endeavor to tear apart nations - except the Jews and create permanent conflicts between them.
5. They sell or give arms to both sides as to encourage fighting.
6. They do their best to revive racism and antagonism.
7. To distract and demolish the principles of morals and using corruption through sex and money to attract the decision makers.
8. Permanent search to marginalize Muslims and reduce them through all means (birth control) and the conferences that call for it such as: "The inhabitants Conference".
Allah knows best.

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