People who live in Muslim lands and those in Europe
Fatwa No: 82466


Is there any any diffirences between the people who live in the Islamic countriesand Europe?


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.
The scholars differentiate between Daru Al Islam (the house Islam) and Daru Al Kufr (the house of Kufr).
There are two conditions for an entity to be called Dar Al Islam:
First: The rules of Islam are applied in it.
Second: The power, rule and final word in it is in the hand of The Muslim Ruler (Imam). If some unbelievers live there and if some sins are very common there, it this does not influence its description as Daru Al Islam.
Al Ravii said: "It is not pre-condition in Daru Al Islam that there are Muslims in it. In fact, it is called so, if its ruler is a Muslim who practices Islam overtly". Al shaukani said: "What is important is the preponderance of Islam. So, if the orders and prohibitions stem from the Muslims, leaving non-Muslims to hide their ways of devotion unless otherwise given permission by Muslims, the place is called Daru Al Islam. The appearance of some characteristics and worships of unbelievers does not influence this verdict as long as it is the Muslim, who have allowed the non-Muslims to practice their rituals. But if these rituals are imposed on Muslims and the latters have no power on them so, the place is called Daru Al Kufr".
In one word, any place where the Islamic rulings are not applied or where the power and superiority is not for Muslims is called Daru Al Kufr, even though there might be some Muslims in it or some Islamic rituals are apparent in it.
Allah knows best.

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