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Fatwa No: 82721


Is it true that every Muslim must enter the Thareeqah if they want to find the real worship to Allah (s.w.t.)? I read from some Tasawuf book that stated it.


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.
Initially, the surname "Sufiyah" was given to the people who engaged themselves in worshipping Allah and preferred to live an ascetic life. There is no harm in this act except calling it by this name, which was innovated in Islam. Later on "Sufism" became a mixture of various innovations, and exaggerations. Many forbidden ideologies of philosophers took their ways into it, such as pantheism, immanentism and atheism, which believe that one becomes free from following Islam after reaching a prescribed stage. No doubt, the contemporary Sufism contains all kinds of deviations such as exaggerating the status of Sheiks and good people, worshipping tombs and graves by making sacrifices, Du'a and circumambulation around them. They worship these persons seeking their help and support. This is a major "Shirk" (making partners with Allah), Allah never forgives this kind of Shirk.
Moreover, they adhere to many invented supplications and celebrate the birthday of the Prophet and others. Pantheism and immanentism still exist in many groups of Sufis.
Since most of the Sufi groups engage wholly in many kinds of myths and innovations which do not have any relation with the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace and blessing be upon him), every Muslim is obliged to avoid all these groups and warn other Muslim from joining them.
No doubt that whoever goes along with them can not avoid Shirk and innovations. On the basis of above details we conclude that adhering to a way or group of Sufees is not compulsory, it is not even recommended.
A Muslim is obliged to learn the true knowledge of Islamic Shariah through Qur'an and Hadith and should be restricted to the understanding and interpretation of the pious predecessors as they are the ones who understood and interpreted the Qur'an and Hadith in the right way.
One should spend one's time with religious companions who adhere to the good path. For details about Sufiyah you may refer to many books on this subject.
For example you may refer to Talbees Iblees for Imam Ibn al-Jawzi and "This is Sufiyah" for Shaikh Abdur Rahman al-wakeel.
Allah knows best.

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