Prayer during Friday Khutba
Fatwa No: 82753


1. When the Imam climbs the Minbar in Jumu'a prayer for the Khutba, can you still pray 2 Raka'as of Sunnah from that time till the end of Khutba or not? Please, give authentic proof from Sunnah!2. Is there any voluntary Salat after salat ul-Jumu'a or not? Please, give us authentic proof from Sunnah!


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.
The Prophet did not use to pray anything before the Friday prayer and after its Adhan nor did his companions use to do so. Imam Ibn Taymiyah said: 'As for the Prophet he did not use to pray anything between the Friday prayer and its Adhan and nobody reported this from him. In the era of the Prophet, the Adhan used to be called only after the Prophet sat on the Mimbar (pulpit). Only then would Bilal make the Adhan. Then the Prophet gives the two Friday sermons. After that, Bilal would make Iqama before the Prophet leads the prayer. So, there was no possibility that either the Prophet or any of the Muslims praying with him to pray anything between the Adhan and the prayer'.
Ibn Al Qayyim said: 'Anyone who believes that they (the Prophet and the companions) used to pray any sort of prayer after Bilal called the Adhan is ignorant of the Sunnah'.
In fact they did not use to pray any prayer in that time. This is also the opinion of Malik, and the most famous opinion of Ahmad and it is also one of the two opinions narrated from Al Shafi ….'.
We conclude, on the basis of the above evidence that the most sound opinion of the scholars over this issue is that 'the Muslim should not pray two Rakaa's after the Friday Adhan'. So, what some people call 'The Sunnah of Friday' is not proved by sound evidence. Moreover what some Muezzins say viz.: 'Pray the Friday Sunnah may Allah have mercy on me and you' is an innovation which has nothing to do with the true religion. But, we advise people praying with them to teach these Muezzins a kind way what should be done and to beware of anything that could cause disunity and disintegration. But, this is an innovation, one should not do it himself.
The Sunnah is to pray four Rakaa's after the Friday prayer. Abu Huraira narrated that the Prophet said: "When you pray Friday prayer, pray four Rakaa's after it". [Imam Muslim and others]
But if he prays two Rakaa's only there is no harm in that. Naf'e reported from Ibn Omar that he used to leave the mosque after performing Friday prayer and used to pray two Rakaa's in his home. Then he said that the Prophet used to do that'.
Allah knows best.

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