Dispelling magic
Fatwa No: 83617


I am 23 years old and was due to get married to my future husband, when it all went wrong. My parents were happy and has accepted him although his parents were not happy simply because I am a Gujerati Muslim and he is a Pakistani Muslim. They did all they could to try and separate us but we were strong and carried on. Last year they did some Taweez on him which made him drift away from me, fortunately we found it and discard it in the appropriate manner. All was back to normal then. A few months ago everything went wrong and he refused to get married to me now and simply said he wants to study and will get married 2/3 years later. My parents refused to accept this and so we parted. I know for sure that some Taweez has been done to him as he changed overnight and he himself has told me that his family in Pakistan are talking about getting a Taweez for him to forget me. I am confused, what should I do? Should I see a Molvisaab and seek help?


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the World; and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

There is no harm that your family takes this sick man to a pious man who does the Islamic Ruqiya. But beware of jugglers and magicians. As for you, there is no reason for your going to the healer as long as you do not think that the magic has struck both of you. Return to Allah and seek refuge with Him. Ask Allah to cure your future husband and choose for you that which good for you and you should accept your destiny.
For more details, please read Fatwa: 82917 and 81559.
We ask Allah to make your things easy and choose for you the good.
Allah knows best.

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