Muslim's use of the Bible
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I live in a country where the majority, in fact all of them are Christian. I am married to Christian lady and she is almost ready to convert to be Muslim. But there are some points I am not able to answer her based on religious and logical approaches:- What do we answer the Christian when they claim that Jesus is the son of God, that God sacrifice his only beloved son for the sake of the whole humanity and to clear their sins?- What does the Bible say about our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) and is the Bible the words of God as they claim?- Is it written in the Bible about Islam? Will it be the last religion with the last Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) and is it mentioned in the Bible also that Islam contains all the previous religions? - If the Bible is a holy book why do Muslims not recognize Christianity? Please note that I am relating most of the points to the Bible because I discuss all the time with the family of my wife and they always refer to their Bible so, I need to know so that I will be able to answer them correctly.


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the World; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

Muslims believe that the Injil (Gospel) which Allah has sent down on Jesus (Alaihi al-Salaam) is a sacred book and word of Allah, but the Christians changed and added to it. Muslims believe that Jesus (Alaihi al-Salaam) a servant of Allah and His Messenger, supported him by signs and clear miracles. They also believe that Jesus (Alaihi al-Salaam) has been created from a mother only. This does not mean, as the Christians believe, he is the son of Allah. Adam (Alaihi al-Salaam) was created from no parents. Eve was created from a father only, and no human being. A Christian or other, could say that both Adam (Alaihi al-Salaam) and Eve are the children of Allah; one has to know that the word "Father" means the Creator and Preparer in New Testament.
In chapter five of the Gospel of Matthew Messiah Jesus (Alaihi al-Salaam) said: "Blessed be the peace makers! They are called the children of God. But, the Christians did not say that the peace makers are the children of God".
Also Jesus (Alaihi al-Salaam) said in the Gospel of Yuhanna: 'I beseech Father'. In addition, Paul (the Jewish malignant against the Christians, who converted to Christianity to spoil it from inside,) was the first to change fatherhood to the bodily fatherhood, as people record on birth certificates. And what in more amazing and strange is that the Gospels used today by Christians differ concerning lineage of Jesus (Alaihi al-Salaam).
According to Matthew's Gospel, Jesus (Alaihi al-Salaam) lineage is traced be to: Yusuf (Alaihi al-Salaam) the son of Yaqoob (Alaihi al-Salaam) and finally to Sulayman Ibn Dawood (Alaihi al-Salaam). While Jesus (Alaihi al-Salaam) lineage is traced to be to: Yusuf (Alaihi al-Salaam) the son of Haly and finally to Nuthan Ibn Dawood (Alaihi al-Salaam).
The Gospel of Matthew mentioned 27 persons as Jesus (Alaihi al-Salaam) fathers till Dawood, while they are 42 in Luka's Gospel.
In addition, is it decent to say that Jesus' (Alaihi al-Salaam) father is Joseph the carpenter? This constitutes a clear accusation against Mary (Alaiha al-Salaam) of committing Zina. This is a Jewish deformation. Then, how could Jesus be the son of God and the son of Joseph the carpenter at the same time? In fact, it is more appropriate to trace Jesus (Alaihi al-Salaam) lineage to his mother, Mary, as mentioned in the Qur'an.
Rahmatullah al-Hindi (a Muslim scholar) in his book "Izhar al-Haq" (Clarifying the Right) mentioned that the Bible includes: (1) 125 differences and contradictions, (2) 110 mistakes, (3) 45 pieces of evidence showing word distortion through additions, and (4) 20 pieces of evidence presenting word distortion through omission.
These points show clearly that the Gospels are contradictory. Thus, we advise you to consult the book of Rahmatullah al-Hindi to recognize what is right and what is good.
Muslims believe that Allah, The Great and Al-Mighty, has raised Jesus (Alaihi al-Salaam) to Himself and that Jews could not kill or crucify him. They also believe that Jesus will descend at the end of life on earth to establish justice and fight tyranny and to kill the Anti-Christ.
As for good omens in the Gospel that indicate in advance to Islam and Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam), al-Sheikh Abdul Majeed al-Zandani (May Allah keep him safe) while writing about such a subject in his book "al-Bisharat Bi-Muhammad in the Divine Book" "Good Omens about Muhammad in the Divine Books". Said in chapter 22 of Barnaba Gospel states that: 'This (state of trickery and falsehood) will remain until the advent of Muhammad, Allah's Messenger, when such a deception will be unveiled to those who believe in Allah's Sharia.
For more information, please consult 'What the Bible says about Muhammad' by Deedat.
Allah knows best.

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