Wahab Bin Jareer Bin Hazim
Fatwa No: 83961


I want to ask about the reporter Wahab Bin Jareer Bin Hazim 's condition in Hadith. Was he reliable or weak?


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the World; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

Imam Ibn Hajar wrote in his book 'Taqrib al-Tahzib', Wahab Bin Jareer Bin Hazim, Abu Abdullah, al-Azdi al-Basari is reliable (trustworthy), among the narrators of ninth category, died 206 A.H. All the Imams of the six known books of Hadith narrated from him in their books.
Imam Zahabi wrote in his book 'Man Tukullima Fihi', Wahab Bin Jareer Bin Hazim is trustworthy and his narrations are reliable but he is considered weak while he narrates from Imam Shu'abah .
Imam al-Nasa'i said: 'He is unobjectionable'.
Imam Ibn Hibban mentioned him in his book of 'al-Thiqaat' (The reliable).
Imam al-Ajali said: 'He is from Basrah and trustworthy'.
Imam Ibn Hibban said: 'He is trustworthy'.
Imam Ahmad said: ' Wahab never narrated from Shu'abah , and he was an adherent of Sunnah'.
In short, Wahab was a trustworthy narrator and his narrations are acceptable except his narrations from Shu'abah a. The majority of the scholars of Hadith considered him weak in his narrations from Shu'abah .
Allah knows best.

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