Magic and Jinns
Fatwa No: 83994


Black magic and its effects are true and fact but what are the symptoms or signs to ascertain that a person is under effect of black magic. Some polytheists make friendship or take command on Jinns and they make them work according to their wishes, is it possible? Some of them are taking impermissible work and harass innocent persons. Is it possible for Mu'mim to command Jinns [Mu'mim] to nullify bad effects caused by polytheist through bad Jinns?


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the World; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

In most cases, effects of magic come out clearly on a bewitched person. Allah, The Great and Almighty, has mentioned in the Qur'an that driving a wedge between a man and his wife is from among the effects of magic.
Allah Says (interpretation of meaning): {…And from these (angels) people learn that by which they cause separation between man and his wife, …} [2:102].
Frequent forgetfulness, epilepsy and other pains are among the effects of magic. A magician may use Jinn to harm some people, bring some news and Divine Decrees that they eavesdrop from the heavens. Such a work is completely Haram, since Allah has threatened doers to be among the inhabitants of the Hell-Fire.
He Says: {…and their Auliyâ' (friends and helpers, etc.) amongst men will say: "Our Lord! We benefited one from the other, but now we have reached our appointed term which You did appoint for us." He will say: "The Fire be your dwellingplace, you will dwell therein forever, …} [6:128]. He also Says: {'And verily, there were men among mankind who took shelter with the masculine among the jinns, but they (jinns) increased them (mankind) in sin and disbelief.} [72:6].
At the same time, it is Haram to use the Jinn to help people get benefit or harm them, since such a work is a form of taking satisfaction in one another, which is prohibited in the Qur'an.
The Law Maker has directed us to the best way of treatment in the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Such two sources suffice us, Insha Allah.
Allah knows best.

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