Tasbeeh Hadith is sound
Fatwa No: 86275


Ibn Uthaymeen and Ibn Taymiyah (Rahimahullah) opened that the Hadith regarding Tasbeeh prayer is weak and fabricated. Ibn Hajar and al-lbani graded the Hadith as sound. I want to know on what grounds (grounds like chain of transmission, other similar reports from other Sahaba [R.A]) Ibn Hajar and al-Albani graded the Hadith as sound?


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions. We would like you to know, dear brother that the Hadith of the Tasabeeh prayer was ruled as Saheeh (authentic) not only by Shaikh Al-Albani , but also by other scholars such as ad-Darqutni , al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi , and as-Suyouti . As for Ibn Hajar , he classified this Hadith as Hasan (acceptable). His classification of this Hadith as Hasan was built upon the many ways in which it was narrated and which strengthen one another. Imam Ibn Hajar said in answer to some of the Ahadith (plural of Hadith) in 'Mishkaat Al-Masaabeeh': actually this Hadith is Hasan based on the many ways (routes/sources) of narration which strengthen the first one . Al-Albani , on the other hand, classified this Hadith as Saheeh (authentic), taking into consideration its many ways of narration and evidence. Commenting on 'Mishkat Al-Masaabeeh', he said: this Hadith has many ways of narration and evidence which make one decisively say that it must have a solid basis, contrary to the ruling made by others that it is fabricated (or said: baseless) . We have stated previously the ruling of the Tasaabeeh Prayer in Fatwa: 83877. Allah knows best.

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