Confused about Christianity and Islam
Fatwa No: 89481


First some background: I grew up in a Christian home, went to church all my life and was pretty active in church (i.e. mission's trips to the Dominican Republic) then I meet my current boyfriend Yus. He got me interested in looking into and reading books about Islam. I also participated in Ramadhaan this past year and attended the Islamic Center in the city several times. I've read a lot about background information but not a lot of factual things. He has been teaching how to wash and pray. He is also teaching me how to say some words in his language. I've also met with and are now friends with his friends American wife, she has also taught me a lot. So, my first question:
If I am praying by myself or with my husband (at home) do I need to cover my head/hair? And Why? I have a Qur’an but I haven’t had a chance to read a lot of it. In the Bible there are "The Ten Commandments" does the Qur’an have an equivalent to that?
Christianity is based on Faith that Jesus Christ came to this world as a human and died on the cross and roses again in three days. And I believed in this, I have faith in this. I had the assurance that I was going to heaven to live with Him for eternity. How do I know I will have this assurance with being Muslim?


All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger. We ask Allaah to exalt his mention as well as that of his family and all his companions.


Dear questioner, you have to know that from the time Islam was revealed Allaah will not accept any other religion. As soon as a person becomes a Muslim Allaah forgives all his past sins. It is easy to become a Muslim and to follow Islam. For more details, please read Fataawa: 86969 and 88258.

Know that Islam does not allow a man and a woman to have personal relations except in the boundary of a legal marriage, as we mentioned in our Fatwa: 88051.

Whenever a woman performs prayers she has to cover her entire body except her face and palms even if she performs prayers alone or with her husband. This is the ruling of Islam as we mentioned in our Fatwa: 88862.

We advise you to read the Qur'an especially Chapter Maryam (19). You will find many realities of which a human being is in need. It is proved without any doubt that the Qur'an is the Word of Allaah. The miraculous nature of the Qur'an is discussed thoroughly by many scholars. So, basically nothing can be compared to the Qur'an. However, there are many verses of Qur'an that contain much more than the commandments you are asking about. Allaah says (which means): {Say; “Come, I will recite what your Lord has prohibited to you. [He commands] that you not associate anything with Him, and to parents, good treatment, and do not kill your children out of poverty; We will provide for you and them. And do not approach immoralities-what is apparent of them and what is concealed. And do not kill the soul which Allaah has forbidden [to be killed] except by [legal] right. This has He instructed you that you may use reason.” And do not approach the orphan’s property except in a way that is best (i.e. intending improvement) until he reaches maturity. And give full measure and weight in justice. We do not charge any soul except [with that within] its capacity. And when you speak (i.e. testify) be just, even if [it concerns] a near relative. And the covenant of Allah fulfill. This has He instructed you that you may remember. And, [moreover] this is My path, which is straight, so follow it; and do not follow [others] ways, for you will be separated from His way. This has He instructed you that you may become righteous.}[6:151-153].

Allaah knows best.

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