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  • Born But Did Not Practice and Wants to Abide by Islam Date: 18-2-2020

    My name is Arshad. I am from India (State of Kerala). Presently I am working in Qatar. I am born to a muslim parents. But I have lived a very short life as a muslim. From my chidhood, I was not observing my salah properly. I started praying regularly after I reached puberty but this lasted only for 1 or 2 years. Then I stopped praying due to some thoughts.. More

  • Rights Are Not Waived By The Passing of Time Date: 13-2-2020

    If a debt is sent to a debt collection agency but there is. law in that state that debt collectors cannot pursue someone who is in hardship after six years. The debt collectors then cease chasing this debt and close the file. Is this the same as being forgiven? .. More

  • Not Necessary To Remove Dandruff From Eyelashes Date: 12-2-2020

    As-salaamu alaykum. I believe i've a disease called blepharitis and because of that drandraff like scales and crusts form at the root of my eyelashes. So when i make wudu i think that water doesn't reach the eyelids properly. I scratch eyelids using my nails to make them wet. But doing that probably makes my eye condition worse. But if I don't do that.. More

  • Foreplay Between Spouses Date: 12-2-2020

    Is it permissible, as a type of foreplay, for spouses to smell each others private parts, and the skin around them, and also, since oral sex is a little dim and from what i know, isn't really something we should do, is it permissible to lick and suck the skin around each others private parts, all as a type of foreplay? .. More

  • Husband Sexting With Women so She Asked For Khul’ Date: 12-2-2020

    Married to husband in state Of Texas, USA. Me, Ohio, USA for 6 months. Husband called to see if I had a friend contact him on muslim dating site where we met. Told him no. He said he thought I had asked a friend or cousin reach out to him because she was from my state. I became upset for him thinking in such away. It hurt me. We ended our call but it.. More

  • Universe was Created in Six Days Date: 12-2-2020

    Assalamu Alaikum. In the Qur'an, it states that the universe was created in six days. But science tells us that the universe is billions of years old. How do we reconcile between these two facts? .. More

  • Combining and Shortening Prayers Before Starting Journey Date: 12-2-2020

    Assalamo alaikum, Could you please tell me whether i can pray zuhar and asar together before leaving for airport if time for zohar has entered? Jazakallahu khairan .. More

  • Renouncing Child's Custody After Divorce Date: 12-2-2020

    My new husband asked me if i had any affairs before marriage infront of kabah.I denied(lied since i repented from my past relations). Later he digged and found old chats in my phone. i had to confess all about my past to him. But he lost trust and always suspects that i am still in touch with men. I recently came to my hometown for the delivery of.. More

  • Asking Back Jewelries and Bride’s Money at Divorce Date: 10-2-2020

    Assalamualaikum, I am from Malaysia. I have a question. Is it permissable in Islam (what is the ruling of) a husband asking back for jewelleries he gave/put on during the nikah at the moment of divorce? This happened after me and my ex husband both agreed to get a divorce and I went to file the divorce a couple of days later. When he said he wanted.. More

  • Got Married in Court without Her Guardian Date: 10-2-2020

    Dear Sir, Assalamoalaikum. Please help us with true knowledge. I want to share a story about one of my cousins (brother) followed by some quresies for true guidance. My cousin is very pious and a good human being from his childhood. He lost his father when he was only 6. His family has good reputation in their society. 2 years ago my cousin felt in.. More

  • Inheritance of a Wife, Son, and Daughter Date: 10-2-2020

    Assalaamu ?Alaykum; Please calculate the inheritance according to the following information -Does the deceased have male relatives who are entitled to inherit: (A son) Number 1 (A full brother) Number 2 -Does the deceased have female relatives who are entitled to inherit : (A daughter) Number 1 (A wife) Number 1 - Additional information : I.. More

  • Evil Inner Thoughts of Others Isn't Backbiting Date: 9-2-2020

    Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullah Is there any scholar that allowed backbiting inside heart (the backbiting here is based with data and facts, not only baseless bad thought). I am someone who studied social science professionally, and of course we need to examine why people are like this and that. Of course we thought a lot about their bads, not for entertainme.. More

  • Angel Delays Writing the Sin for Six Hours Date: 9-2-2020

    Salam aleikum .. There is a hadith /hadiths about that if one makes tauba within 6 hours of making a sin that angels dont write down the sin.. is that a saheeh hadith or not ? .. More

  • Using Dotted, Ribbed, and Spiked Condoms Date: 29-1-2020

    Salam, Are different kind of high textured condoms such as dotted,ribbed,spiked condoms designed to create sensation artificially permissible? dotted condoms are being used commonly in our country. Probably, many muslims use it. .. More