1388 fatwas

  • Container Stained By Impurity Cannot Be Used For Ablution, Drinking, etc. Date: 30-9-2018

    Assalamualaikum if water becomes pure and the container which contains this impure water is not washed ,the impure water is thrown and pure water is poured in such a container will it become impure? How do i purify containers ? Like do i have to pour water on each and every surface like first on the edges and outer side of the bucket handle of the bucket.. More

  • Handling Shipments That Include Wine Date: 23-9-2018

    Salamo alikom, I got a new job and I work as transport coordinator in Sweden, I handle transport shipments and make the booking for forwarding companies, I found that there are some shipments from one company that consist beer and wine and I have to make the booking for this shipment and inform the warehouse about the loading time for it. SO, is my.. More

  • A Small Percentage of Alcohol in Cosmetic Products Date: 9-9-2018

    what is cetyl alcohol? Is it like forbidden alcohol? is it permitted to use in cosmetic products like face wash ,soap,shampoo, lotion, medicine, tooth paste & all other products? .. More

  • Incidents are Attributed to the Nearest Time to it Date: 8-9-2018

    1- If a woman gets into bed at night in a state of purity and finds her underwear blood-stained when she wakes up, when is her menses considered to have started?2- If a woman gets into bed in a state of menstruation and sees no sign of blood on her pad when she wakes up, when is her menstruation considered to have stopped? .. More

  • Washing Private Parts When Performing Ghusl Date: 4-9-2018

    If one forgots to wash his private parts as is required after emission of maniy (emission after sexual intercourse with one's wife, or from a wet dream), and then performs wudu and then showers his whole body to remove the state of major Impurity he is in, can he pray although he forgot to wash his private parts before wudu? I am guessing that the showering.. More

  • Bleeding Between Her Menses Date: 5-8-2018

    Assalam alaikumI have my monthly periods every month. Mg problem isI suffer from bleeding between my periods. Its in the nature of slight spotting. It generallh occurs when i m physically very tired and stressed out. Can i pray, fast and touch the Holy Quran for recitation during such times? Please help and answer as i Do not wish to miss my fasts Allah.. More

  • Washing Impure Clothes in Washing Machines Date: 17-7-2018

    Assalamualaikum we have automatic washig machine the water pours down on the clothes but the detergent is put on the clothes first then the water pours down on these clothes some clothes are above the level of water flow in the starting later all the clothes are below the water flow in such a case if the cloth above the water flow is impure in 1st round.. More

  • Performing Wudhoo’ After Eating Cooked Food Date: 17-7-2018

    Assalamu 'alaykum can you please clarify this hadith:Allah's Messenger said: "Wudu is (required) from what fire has touched, even if it be a piece of cheese."are we to do wudu after eating anything which fire has touched? May Allah reward you, ameen. .. More

  • Not Obligatory to Wash Entire Penis and Testicles from Mathi Date: 30-5-2018

    Salaam ‘Alaykum.If a person releases madhi (pre-seminal fluid), then the ruling (that I follow) is that he must washes his penis and testicles. If a person ejaculates (mani), then the ruling is that he performs ghusl. How about if a person does both: first releases madhi (pre-seminal fluid) and then ejaculates (mani), must he first wash his penis.. More

  • Repeating Wudhoo’ Before Repeating Intercourse Date: 14-5-2018

    Assalamu alaikum.The hadith which says that if one wants to repeat intercourse with his wife he should do wudu. What does this mean. Does this mean each time a man comes inside his wife he should stop the intercourse and and leave the bed and do wudu?Or does this mean that one may have intercourse with his wife for about ten minutes by this time he.. More

  • Doubts About Dog Impurity on the Floor Date: 29-4-2018

    Salaam ‘Alaykum.I came home from outside and unknowingly had poop on my shoe and walked around the house (i.e. passageway, kitchen). After realising, my mother cleaned it by mopping it with cleaning substances and (wet) wipes (i.e. my mother cleaned it how regular impurity is cleaned). But the problem is that we do not know if it was dog poop, cat.. More

  • Purifying the Mattress from Impurity Date: 8-4-2018

    There is urine on my bed, I want to know how to properly purify it. Is it sufficient enough to put the bed sheets in the washing machine and then take a wet cloth and scrub the mattress? .. More

  • Delivering Food to a Wine Shop Date: 1-4-2018

    As salam mu alaikum! 1. I am a delivery driver and sometimes I deliver to offices of churches, bare in mind that I do have the choice to cancel their order if needed but it will affect my performance of the day. Is my job and income halal? 2. My mother and I have been separated since I was 6 or 7 years old due to the complication of divorce between.. More

  • Waste of Insects Are Pure Date: 20-3-2018

    Assalamualaikumif there is cockroch feces on the floor how many times should we have to clean the floor to purify it and how to clean the floor .. More

  • Doubts about Clothes Impurity from Mathi Date: 26-2-2018

    Asalamo aleioum scholars. When I got up I cleaned my underwear with my hands and water from the madhiy (najis)touching the suposed madhiy directly.Then I put again my clothes as my pants ans mu jumper without cleaning again my hands with water only after having put my clothes. Does putting my clothes and touching them made them impure as I did not washed.. More