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  • Playing Computer Games that May Involve Prohibitions Date: 2-4-2019

    I have some questions concerning two games we sometimes play without missing a duty or doing a sin thereby. This questions might seem unnecessary but a very high rate of the young people from 12-25 play these games. At least 90% of them so a clear answer would be helpful. First of all there is a football game. In this game there are packs and if you.. More

  • Is Being Among the Correct Sect Enough? Date: 26-3-2019

    I was scrolling through recent fatwas and i came across fatwa 393448. As far as i understand you said there that hell is not eternal? Is that true? Why is it then important to be in the correct sect if every Muslim will in the end be saved anyway? .. More

  • Is a Non-Belligerent Disbeliever Who Rejects Islam Innocent? Date: 24-3-2019

    Is a kafir who rejects islam innocent? I don't mean someone who actively fights against islam but a person who after hearing about islam rejects it. Can such a person be called innocent in the eyes of islam? .. More

  • Abandoning Da’wah Does Not Invalidate Deeds Date: 13-3-2019

    Salam aleykum wa rahmatullah. Thanks for taking the time and effort may Allah reward you. My question is something that has worried me a lot and it’s to do with the losing rewards for good deeds i have done. A lecturer in youtube said if people dont give dawah and forbid that which is bad and enjoin good their dua’s wont be accepted and their good.. More

  • Wife Repented after She Became Sick Date: 5-3-2019

    Salamalaykum,My wife RahimAllah worked for a riba based bank her whole life. She repented a few years before her death Alhamdoulilah. She was sick. Does her repentance will be accepted be idni Allah. She repented after she became sick. She had a good death after her sicknes she Made hadj, wearing hijaab, give zakah, ramadan and give to the poor. She.. More

  • Sinning Will not Make You Inferior to One Who Never Sinned Date: 5-3-2019

    Sheikh if a born muslim committed kufr act and repented from it and returned to Allah is he inferior to the born muslim who never committed kufr and how does one move on from that .. More

  • This Expression ‘God Has No Religion’ Date: 6-2-2019

    How to refute "God has no religion" ? .. More

  • Selling Chicken to Celebrate Christmas Date: 30-1-2019

    Chickens is usually killed to celebrate Christmas in Nigeria. Thus, is it allowed for a Muslim who coincidentally have chickens to sell at this period (without intention of Christmas) to move with his business, knowing that most of the purchaser will kill it for Christmas. .. More

  • What the Prophet Forbids Is Same as What Allah Forbids Date: 22-1-2019

    I heard of a hadith that went like this: the prophet s.a.w said: "i wanted to forbid you from ghilla but i saw the romans and persians doing it and it didnt harm them so go ahead and do it". Our rules in islam are from Allah, why did he s.a.w say he wanted to forbid us from doing ghilla, but didnt do it? I know that he can be inspired by Allah but shouldnt.. More

  • Pleasing People While Displeasing Allah Date: 22-1-2019

    my question regarding the following hadith below is how do I explain when people who commit haram acts are being cheered by their fans like music concerts, wrestling, or when non mahram male and woman chat. are they not enjoying it? “Whoever seeks to please Allah with something displeasing to people, then Allah will be pleased with him. Whoever seeks.. More

  • What You Mentioned Is Not Disbelief Date: 7-1-2019

    Selam AleykumRecently something strange happened to me.I was playing on my gaming console and deleted unintenionally a game.At this moment i was very angry and insulted with words which are famous in bosnian for cursing.When i was cursing i turned my head to the sky like someone turns it during du‘a and then i had a strange feeling like i was meaning.. More

  • Affected With Whispers about Kufr Date: 1-1-2019

    Is it kufr if somebody reads or listens to the quran and looks at non mahram women without desire? It happens that they enter the mosque and people look if it is male or female and if they know the person, after realizing the turn their gaze away. So is it kufr if one repeadly looks without any reason while beeing in the mosque and listening to the.. More

  • Prophet’s Knowledge of the Unseen Date: 1-1-2019

    We believe that only Allah knows the unseen. The prophet knew and told js about some signs of the judgement day. So how can we reconcile these things. Does this mean that this knowledge that the prophet had is not knowledge of the unseen, after Allah has informed him about it? Can we say that everything that Allah only knows is knowledge of the unseen.. More

  • Seeing Non-Muslims Doing Acts of Worship on TV Date: 31-12-2018

    If on the news, non-muslims doing acts of worship is shown and we see it what should we do? Should we turn off the TV? Should we complain about what is shown to the channel? .. More

  • ‘Allah Saved That Person Through The Doctor’ Date: 16-12-2018

    Assalamu alaykum. Is that type of speech allowed, "Allah has saved that person through the doctor"? .. More