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  • Accidentally Opened a Horoscope Date: 9-7-2020

    Asalaamualaikum. I was scrolling through facebook and this post came up and said swipe a heart pattern on your phone keyboard (as most keyboards have swipe predictive text nowadays) and post what word pops up. I did this with the intention of curiosity and doing it for fun just to see what would happen. The word that I saw triggered a thought such as.. More

  • Mentioning Murder in Novels and Stories: Is It Disbelief? Date: 8-7-2020

    Salaam. I want to know if being pleased related to things prohibited in the sharia applies to the one who writes them in stories. For example if one was to write or read a story which involved murder, but the person knows in real life murder is prohibited and a sin and fully acknowledges it. But this same person writes a fictional story which involves.. More

  • One Does Not Become a Disbeliever because of Missing a Prayer Date: 1-6-2020

    Assalam u Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. I would like to ask you regarding a person's situation. This person had gone to hajj Alhamdulillah and after coming back he recieved money as gifts from various family or friends. Is it permissible that he uses this money in his daily life or to start a business and etc. Secondly after this person returned.. More

  • Said To Himself That If He Does Not Fulfill A Promise He Is A Disbeliever Date: 12-4-2020

    Asalam e Alakum I have a question and question is that i promised to my friend that i will done this work at the set date and i said in my heart if i fail to do that work so i will be a non muslim means i called my self as a non Muslim when fail to fulfill the promise and this thing just said in my heart but after 2 or 3 day i didn't fulfill the promise.. More

  • Performing A Classical Dance That Involves Prostration or Worship Date: 5-4-2020

    If someone performs a classical dance which has shirk elements like prostration or worship, will it be kufr if the person does not intend to worship Similarly in India there are dances like Garba where people dance in a circle around an idol. If someone does that without intending to worship will it still be kufr .. More

  • Selling Video Games Containing Shirk: Impermissible Date: 15-3-2020

    Salaam Alakium, I have a question about selling video games which contain some Shirk, Years ago i purchased games which i didn't know contained Shirk - or i never really understood the seriousness of it in Islam, now that i am full on focused on my deen and i am very careful on how i practice my religion i no longer play video games, but i have some.. More

  • No Expiation For Swearing By Other Than Allah Date: 2-3-2020

    I have taken an oath of my friend, he said take oath of my life that you will quit smoking but somehow i couldn't manage to do that and after 2 months of oath i broke it by smoking a cigarette. So, i would like to know that is taking oath of a friend is valid and if it's valid then what should i do when i broke it. .. More

  • Mount of Temptation: No Basis in Islam Date: 1-12-2019

    One question I had is that is there any authenticity regarding the mount of temptation in Islam which is based in Palestine. In Christian sources it states that Prophet Isa (AS) fasted here for 40 days and meanwhile was being tempted by shaytaan. Does this have any basis in Islam and is it correct for Muslims to just this place? Jazakallah khair. .. More

  • Wisdom in Allah Afflicting His Slaves Date: 24-11-2019

    Salaam Alaykum wa rahmatullâh. Bismillâh. This is a question that I have thought about at times. I hope the answer will expand my knowledge - in shaa Allâh. We know of course that Allâh forgives all sins if one repents to Him. But I also read that Allâh afflicts His servants with trials so they may get cleansed for their sins. Why are trials needed.. More

  • Obligations that a Muslim Has Toward Allah Date: 30-10-2019

    What are all of the obligations that a Muslim has toward Allaah? Other than the 5 pillars of Islam. What is required of a Muslim? .. More

  • Draw Lots to Change Major Date: 20-10-2019

    Assalamualikum, I have a question regarding a policy in my college. As a a college student I would like to switch my major. In order to do so I have to take certain courses. After taking these courses I am then put in a lottery in which students are randomly select.ed to be able to switch majors. I would like to know if this lottery is considered gambling.. More

  • Means of Protection Against Misconceptions Date: 2-7-2019

    There are some people who are weak minded and are weak when he doubts are thrown at them. My question is how to become strong minded and make our hearts like a glass which can see the doubts but it cannot enter it . What books we should study so that we are safe from all doubts? .. More

  • Eradicating Disbelief in the Hadeeth includes All Disbelief Date: 30-6-2019

    Salam Aleyku. In a saheeh narration it says that our Prophet (PHUB) said: "I am al-Mahi through whom Allah obliterates unbelief". Does that refer only to judaism or to christianity as well? .. More

  • Narrating Kufr Is Not Kufr Date: 19-6-2019

    At school there are sometimes books (novels) studied which contain content which is immoral (bad language, alcohol consumption by characters etc.) and/or contains words of shirk. Is it sinful to answer questions in tests based on such texts if we avoid mentioning the content or if the question is broadly referring to the novel and not specifically to.. More

  • Not Sinful for Unintentionally Looking at Those Pictures Date: 2-4-2019

    Asalamo aleikoum. If in the subject of Literature in university there are some pictures that they picture what the consider to be Allah and I skip this pages but my eyes fall to the picture unintentionally and I a continue to curse those people and say audhubillah , do I bear any sin?Barak Allahu fikoum .. More