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  • Celebrating a child learning the Quran Date: 20-10-2012

    Assalamulaaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu My question is my 7 year old daughter masha Allah is finishing the learning of recitation of Quran. My Maulana who is teaching her says we should have a get together and celebrate her learning to recite. Is that from the sunnah? Can I do it? In he Indian Subcontinent they hold a ceremony called "Al Aameen".. More

  • Ottoman Style Arabic Script in Qur'an Date: 30-11-2011

    Assalaamou Alaikum. My question is in regards to the Arabic language regarding some words found in Al-Qur'an. For example, with the words الصلوة and الزكوة there is ألف قصيرة over the واو. Therefore, I want to know if the واو serves as a chair for ألف قصيرة and is therefore not pronounced, or is the واو part of.. More

  • Using a tape with incomplete Quranic verses or words Date: 25-1-2011

    I want to ask is it lawful to use a tape that unintentionally misses a part from a Quranic verse, or sometimes words are recited not in the correct order or sometimes half a word is omitted because some parts of the tape were cut out? Can we overlook these errors in the tape by turning the volume down until the reciter finishes these verses?.. More

  • Taking a fee for teaching the Quran Date: 5-4-2010

    Asalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.. Hoping that all of my brothers and sisters in islam are all well and healthy Inshallah... My question.. What is the ruling on mosque teachers asking for fees to teach children? My second question is that.. I know a person that is fighting pnumonia and is critically ill.. he has infected his brain,.. More

  • Cooperation in completing the recitation of the whole Quran several times in Ramadan Date: 16-9-2009

    In order to encourage one another to recite the whole Quran several times in Ramadhaan, every one of us writes down the Quranic verse where he has stopped and what he has understood from it. By the bounty of Allaah, this has encouraged us to recite the Quran and understand the meanings of its verses. Some of us completedthe recitation of the whole.. More

  • Reciting Quran between `Asr and Maghrib Date: 6-8-2009

    The Reciting of Holy Quaran is allowed in between the time of Asar & Maghrib... More

  • Reciting Quran while standing or walking Date: 2-7-2009

    Assalaamualaykum, Can we recite the quran while standing or walking?.. More

  • Reciting Quran on the Internet Date: 15-6-2009

    Assalamu alikum warahamatullahi wabarakatuhu.This is reference to my question 2 days back, in which i have asked whether we can read quran on the internet or not. I mean to say whether we get same sawab i.e.benefits when we read on the internet as when we read in the book. I hope you will clarify in a better way. Jazakallahu khaira... More

  • Feels happy because she likes to read the Quran Date: 31-5-2009

    Dear scholar After pr ayer i feel like i want to read the kuraan,It is like a thirsty for me . why do i feel like this?Can i thing surely i will go to heaven like this?or is that wrong to thing like that? Can i pray while doll in my room{my son}and animal pictures in the furnitures?can y please answer my qutions ? .. More

  • Wants to send the translation of some Quranic verses to her friends each week by email Date: 24-6-2007

    Asalam aleikom! Thank you for this great service you are providing. My question is about sawaab and Qur'an. I would like to make my friends read more Qur'an, including myself before anyone else, and thought of an easy idea to do this. By sending them a quotation from the Qur'an (for eg. a few ayats) each week by email, i would make it easier for them.. More

  • His wife wants to travel abroad to memorize the Quran Date: 26-12-2006

    My question is, Recently my wife wanted to go abroad to byheart Quran, but she do have alternatives, i mean there are places here in her place. but she says shes not happy about that places. she wont be staying with her family or a mahram during her stay in abroad. There is no possibility that i can go with her. So can u please comment in this... More

  • Reading Quran between Asr and Maghrib Date: 8-5-2006

    Assalamu alaykum! i want to know that can we read QURAN-e-paak between the asar and magrib time?? if yes then plzz explain mee briefly!! and if no then explain mee the reason??.. More

  • Multiple Beneficiaries Are Better Than One Single Beneficiary Date: 1-4-2006

    I help my children in learning the Quran, but when I perform supererogatory fasting I am prevented from teaching them, so is it better for me to teach my children or to observe supererogatory fasting? .. More

  • Asking why something is mentioned in the Quran Date: 30-3-2006

    Why is verse 88 from chapter 11 mentioned only once in the Quran?.. More

  • The date of the printing of the Quran Date: 29-3-2006

    When and where was the Quran printed for the first time with printers?.. More