2291 fatwas

  • Placement of hands during Salah Date: 24-3-2001

    Where do we keep our hands during Salat? Where do we keep our hands after Ruku before Sajda? Please give me good Muslim world web sites... More

  • Istikhaarah and secret marriage Date: 24-3-2001

    If a man has promised a lady to get married of her and they got engaged. Then a misunderstanding happened between him and her father. Due to the misunderstanding they kept away from each other because they don't know if they are going to get married or not, But they love each other. After 10 months he made a relation with an other woman and he prayed.. More

  • Retired Imam does not accept Qur'anic recitation of current Imam Date: 22-3-2001

    One Imam in my place retired because of sickness. Since his retirement he does not want go to the near-by mosque to perform daily prayers because he claims that the person who leads prayer does not recite Al Fatiha properly. The real Imam leads the Friday prayer. The retired Imam after performing the daily prayer in that mosque will repeat the prayer.. More

  • Salathun Naria Date: 11-3-2001

    Please give Fatwa on Salathun Naria Please find the attachment “SALATHUN NARIA” 1 and 2 (With English translation) and its widely recited in the asian subcontinent countries like India, Sri Lanka and some other places in order to get good deeds from Allahu (SWT) Therefore, kindly send your fatwa to my e-mail address given below on this matter.. More

  • Praying behind Imam of doubtful Aqeedah Date: 1-3-2001

    The Jamaat Tableegh is very active at the mosque near my house in Bombay. However, their book, fazail-e-amal, contains several stories of saints and sufi's claiming that they are able to see Allah, that the Prophet (saw) comes to them in their dreams and feeds them when they are hungry or thirsty or that his (saw) hand emerges from his grave in Madina.. More

  • Eating in mosque Date: 28-2-2001

    Is there any evidence that states we shouldn`t eat in the mosque?.. More

  • Person crossing outside Sujuud area Date: 26-2-2001

    While praying, should I stop a person from crossing me outside my Sujuud area?.. More

  • Following the Imam Date: 25-2-2001

    I am from Karachi Pakistan where almost all people are either Hanafees or barailwees (worshippers at graves). I perform prayer following the Sunnah (of the Prophet) and as the "Ahle Hadith" or "the people of Saudia" pray. People here say that it is Sunnah to do as the Imam does. Is this correct? Also, sometimes after the Imam completes al-Fatiha,.. More

  • His Boss Does Not Let Him Pray Friday Prayer Date: 21-2-2001

    I work in a factory five days per week (Monday-Friday) on the day shift. My boss will not allow me to pray the Jumu'ah (Friday) prayer in the mosque. He also does not accept my explanation that as a Muslim I must do so, and demands other proof. What can I tell him and what proof can you give me? .. More

  • Father Neglecting the Prayer Date: 14-2-2001

    My father is not regularly performing the five obligatory prayers but he helps the poor and is very kind. Will he go to hell or paradise according to the sharee’ah? .. More

  • Woman leading women in prayer Date: 11-2-2001

    Is a woman allowed to lead women in congregational prayer?If so is she allowed to recite loudly in prayers fajr, maghrib and isha?Is a women allowed to say Aameen loud if she prays behind men? Is a woman allowed to say Aamen if she prays with women only?Where I stay we have only one Musalla and women go there on Fridays to pray salatul jummah but we.. More

  • Praying in place used by all religions Date: 7-2-2001

    We have here in the university a silence room (all persons Muslims and non-Muslims, Christians or even Hindus) go there to pray. It has a lot of symbols and pictures in it. Most of Muslims didn't like to use it at all. Turkish Muslims accepted that in the past . Now, the university has a larger numbers of Muslims. The international office suggested.. More

  • Praying while holding infant child Date: 4-2-2001

    I am married and Alhamdulillah I have a son (1 year and a month old). Due lack of mosques here I am forced to pray my prayers at home with my wife, during the prayer my son usually comes in front of me or tries to cross me and so I pick him up, during my prayer and hold him with me till I finish reciting Al-fatiha etc., then I do Ruku with him before.. More

  • Position of palms during Qunut Date: 29-1-2001

    Is it Sunnah to raise hands with palms facing up during Du'a Qunut? Give clear proof.Is it Haram to enter the elevator with a woman alone?.. More

  • Man praying with alien woman in presence of unmarriage woman Date: 23-1-2001

    Can a man pray in congregation with an alien woman in a house in the presence of a unmarriageable woman who is not praying due to her menses?.. More