2291 fatwas

  • What the Khateeb says before Friday Khutbah Date: 18-11-2000

    What is the Islamic ruling on the following procedure? I am from Cape Town, South Africa, and in our place a Khateeb (who delivers the Friday sermon) pronounces before ascending the pulpit the words of blessings for the Prophet and he also does so between two Khutbas. Is this correct according to the Qur'an and Hadith. .. More

  • Praying wearing makeup and nail polish Date: 14-11-2000

    Can I perform prayers wearing make up and nail polish in my house of course?.. More

  • Making Salah in a city with no Mosque Date: 13-11-2000

    I am living in Ukriane, in the town [Dnepropetrovsk] we have not Masjid here and I have not friends here. I want to know when I can do [Al Salawat] every day?.. More

  • Why Do We Say ‘Prayer Is Better than Sleep’? Date: 13-11-2000

    Why do we say ‘Prayer Is better than sleep’? in Fajr prayer? .. More

  • Jumah prayer at US college Date: 7-11-2000

    1-Alsalamu alykom warahmatu ALLAH wabarakatuh This is a very important question and we need the answer very soon Please. Our Question is: We are students at the USA in a little unknown city which is Eugene located in the state of Oregon. We study at a famous university and it is called University Of Oregon. Some of the Muslim students here find difficulties.. More

  • Combining Prayers While Living Abroad for A Long Time Date: 7-11-2000

    I have been living abroad for long time, can I still combine my prayers? .. More

  • Difficulty waking for prayers Date: 3-11-2000

    My question is a bit odd, usually i set the alarm on my watch to wake up for AL FAJR PRAYERS, two days ago before going to sleep i recited AYAT AL KURSI, in the morning i didn't wake up for the AL FAJR and i was angry why the alarm clocks didnt work, i tried to look for them but they were not in their usual place, so after some search i found them.. More

  • Praying aloud Date: 26-10-2000

    When should I pray aloud?.. More

  • Salat al-Hajah Date: 24-10-2000

    How can I pray Salat al-Hajah?.. More

  • Important Nights of Prayer Date: 20-10-2000

    What are the important nights for prayer (like Laiat ul-Qadar, Laiat ul-Barat (the night when Allah makes decisions about the world, etc. and the night of Miraj (when the Prophet ascened to heaven and visited Allah) and how to celebrate them? .. More

  • Menses during prayers Date: 22-9-2000

    If a woman has her menses while praying, does she have to make up the prayer? If so, what does she do if she cannot remember exacting which prayers were in this time period? Please give reference from Qur'an and Sunnah. .. More

  • Distraction During the Prayer Date: 18-9-2000

    If you think about something during prayer, what does it mean? .. More

  • Performing Obligatory Prayers at Home Date: 24-8-2000

    Can Congregation Prayer at Home Be Offered Without Azaan? .. More

  • Covering for Azan at home Date: 24-8-2000

    Is it obligatory for a female to cover her head during the 'Azan' when she is at home?.. More

  • Ablution gets broken during the prayer Date: 24-8-2000

    If the 'wudoo' (ablution) gets broken during the 'Namaz' (Salat) should we continue the Salat or should we stop, do the 'Wudoo' again and start the Salat again?.. More