434 fatwas

  • Man advising a woman to wear Hijab Date: 11-11-2007

    I am a 23-year old man. Thanks to Allaah The Almighty I observe all the daily prayers. One day a girl came to buy something from my shop. In fact, I liked her and I felt that she has the same feelings towards me. Therefore, I wanted to propose to her. However, the problem is that she does not wear Hijaab. Is it permissible for me to try to convince.. More

  • Quranic chapters disbelievers should read first Date: 11-11-2007

    What are the Quranic chapters that are recommended to be read first by non-Muslims in general, and the People of the Book in particular, when calling them to Islam?.. More

  • Da‘wah methods must be absolutely lawful Date: 11-11-2007

    I am a working man. During office hours when there is no work assigned to me, I undertake some activities in the field of Da‘wah such as distributing emails with Islamic content and publicizing Islamic sites. I also listen to the Quran on my office computer. My wife said to me that it is impermissible for me to use the computer and electricity in.. More

  • Best methods of Da‘wah are kindness and leniency Date: 11-11-2007

    I live in the USA, in the same town where my uncle lives. My uncle does not pray at all, and I want to advise him to do so, but I do not know the right way to do this. He is very stubborn and is a difficult person to convince. Please advise me... More

  • Caller must have Knowledge and Insight Date: 11-11-2007

    There is an Islamic group working in the field of Da'wah and its members are simple ordinary people. Their activities include delivering sermons in mosques, however, their language is poor and they do not distinguish between Saheeh and Dha'eef narrations. Moreover, sometimes they cause unrest among the people in the mosque. What is your opinion?.. More

  • Da‘wah for disbelieving non-Mahram man Date: 11-11-2007

    My workmate is a Buddhist (he does not worship Allaah The Exalted) and he asked me to teach him Islam. How can I do that? Can I recite the Quran in front of him or is that not permissible?.. More

  • Allowing wrongdoing is equally sinful Date: 10-11-2007

    I know an 18-year old non-Muslim girl who suffers from many psychological problems. I also know that she wants to commit suicide. What should I do about that? Am I allowed to invite her to Islam and marry her?.. More

  • How to invite a Christian to Islam Date: 10-11-2007

    How can I invite Christians to Islam and debate with them?.. More

  • Da‘wah requirements commensurate with knowledge Date: 10-11-2007

    Is Da‘wah obligatory only for scholars?.. More

  • Forcing people to adhere to the truth Date: 10-11-2007

    My job sometimes necessitates that I travel long distances by car, up to 1500 km away. One of our colleagues smokes during the journey and I cannot stop him. This travelling is optional, but I will lose 1200 riyals and five vacation days if I do not travel. What should I do?.. More

  • Prohibited means during Da‘wah Date: 10-11-2007

    I heard some songs by a band called "Soldiers of Allaah". When I visited their website, I found that they are not Mujaahideen (Muslim fighters). They explain Islam to non-Muslims through music, but their songs do not contain anything against Islam. Is this way of Da‘wah permissible? Please advise... More

  • Da'wah requires only true information Date: 10-11-2007

    It has become common to practice Da‘wah through presenting pictures of the name of Allaah on a human heart or inside a fish, or on leaves on a tree forming together the statement "La Ilaaha Illallaah". Also pictures are presented of a safe and sound Masjid in Turkey amidst the destruction caused by an earthquake, and a story about an astronaut who.. More

  • Guidelines for men calling women to Islam Date: 10-11-2007

    I am a Muslim young man and Allaah The Almighty has guided me to the way of righteousness and piety. I have relationships with some respectable girls and I want to guide them to the right path, but I fear that this may displease Allaah The Exalted. Please, advise me. May Allaah reward you well. .. More

  • Chat-based Da‘wah governing rules Date: 10-11-2007

    Thanks to Allaah I am a religious Muslim girl working in the field of Da‘wah. Recently, I realized the great influence of chat rooms on the Internet, so I thought to use them in Da‘wah. Thanks to Allaah, I managed to convince some people to start praying, but I stopped to ask myself about the Islamic ruling regarding what I am doing because I sometimes.. More

  • No despair in Da‘wah Date: 10-11-2007

    Most of my Muslim neighbors do not pray, except for few. I tried several times to encourage them to pray by giving them audio material about the importance of prayer and the punishment for abandoning it. I even spoke with some of them about that issue. However, all my efforts were in vain. Could you please tell me what I should do? .. More