433 fatwas

  • A woman inviting a non-Muslim man to Islam Date: 8-11-2007

    What is the ruling on a Muslim woman inviting her Christian male colleague to embrace Islam? .. More

  • Direct contact with women for Da‘wah Date: 8-11-2007

    I am a religious young man, thanks to Allaah The Almighty, and I have concerns about a young woman who lives nearby. She does not adhere to Islamic teachings and mixes with young men without dressing decently. I personally have never found her tempting, and I thank Allaah for that. Would it be permissible for me to invite her to adhere to.. More

  • Da‘wah requires patience and persistence Date: 8-11-2007

    I am a young man who has been guided by Allah, The Almighty, to performing prayers regularly after having abandoned the mosque for years. However, some of my family members do not pray on time, while others do not pray at all. What should I do? Should I repeatedly encourage them to pray, or is once enough? .. More

  • Giving advice must coincide with the situation of the addressed person Date: 8-11-2007

    What can be done with a man who treats others unjustly, especially pious Muslims, whom he offends and defames? He is also careless about his prayers and drinks alcohol. His relatives have given up on him believing he will never respond to advice... More

  • Da‘wah is to convey what one has learned to other Muslims Date: 8-11-2007

    Is Da‘wah required of a Muslim only after acquiring enough knowledge? May Allaah reward you well... More

  • Objecting against wrongdoing in the heart Date: 8-11-2007

    What does objecting against wrongdoing in the heart mean?.. More

  • Her sister has a relationship with a non-Muslim man Date: 31-10-2007

    Salam Alaykom. My sister(18 yrs. old) has a boyfriend and I am very upset. I keep telling her to leave himand she said she won't. I told her it is haram to be with him because this is a haram relationship and he is not a muslim. But I am pretty sure they don't have sex. She only fasts Ramadan and thats all.I also keep telling her to pray but to no avail... More

  • Attending a celebration of a new-born baby whose parents are not married Date: 27-9-2007

    I want to know if Muslims can attend the Naming Ceremony of a New Born Baby, whose parents did not have Nikah and can we eat the Meat Slaughter for the baby, if no, how is such baby given a name and other Islamic rites for the baby.. More

  • His new Muslim girlfriend might leave Islam Date: 18-9-2007

    Alslam Alikom , i have girl friend from USA and alhamdulliah she become Muslim but the problem is she still doubt and her friends talk with her and showing the old religion to her again , and she scear me becouse i feel she maybe change , and i dont know what i do ?.. More

  • Using Duff while calling to Islam Date: 16-9-2007

    Is DAF (musical instrument) permissible in Islam? Because there is a group which makes Dawa by using this instrument, and they say that it is halal. What can you say about this? .. More

  • Working during Sabbath day Date: 5-9-2007

    how to prove my christian friend that he can work on the sabbath day?.. More

  • His non-Muslim driver smokes when driving him to the mosque Date: 20-5-2007

    Assalamu aleikum I have a big problem. I am a teenager and cannot drive as yet since i'm underage. Our family employs a driver who is a non-muslim. Sometimes when i go to the masjid with this driver, while he parks the car and waits for me to finish salah and come, there is a little shop near the mosque , which probably sells cigarettes, he sits near.. More

  • His father says that Injeel is the word of Jesus and that revelation will not end Date: 3-5-2007

    Salaam, In sha Allah, I have a very important question. We and my brothers live in Holland. Our father used to be really a good man in the Ummah. He builds a mosque and did many things well. Since 2001 he stopped visiting the mosque for the prayers. He stopped to do al 3ied el adhHaa. But he never stopped with praying at home and he always asked us.. More

  • Sending anonymous Islamic letters to other people Date: 10-4-2007

    salam i want ask the question wheather i can send islamic articles to the friends and people who do not know me without writing my name.. More

  • Wants to keep ties with her apostate relatives to call them back to Islam Date: 5-4-2007

    As-salam-alikum, My uncle's ex-wife has left Islam and joined a cult-like religion. She is very involved in the religion and has taken her kids (my cousins who are in their 20s) with her. I feel terrible that my cousins are involved in this cult. They work for this group and live with them. Their cult is vey controlling and has brain-washed them. All.. More