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  • Talking while the Athaan is being called Date: 17-7-2006

    is there any hadith stating people should not talk while the adhaan is being said.. More

  • In which Fajr Athaan “the prayer is better than sleep” is said Date: 23-4-2006

    I want ask you about calling to Salaat (Athaan) of Fajr, Salat is better than sleep (As-Salaat Khayre mina n-Naum) must pronouns at first calling to Salaat (Athaan) or second one. Please response me and tell me which book we must look at and number. Please reply me to English and one copy to Arabic. .. More

  • Repeating the Athan heard on the radio Date: 2-3-2006

    Do we have to response to the Athaan we hear on the radio, for some other country/state? Please Advice. .. More

  • Time of the first Fajr Athaan Date: 23-2-2006

    Regarding the first Athaan of Fajr, when should it be given, i.e., how long before the arrival of Fajr? .. More

  • Calling for prayer before its time Date: 25-1-2006

    The question is that I have done the Athaan before 5 minutes of the time so till me if I did any wrong? .. More

  • Recitation of Athaan and Iqaamah Date: 28-6-2005

    Does the rule of Tajweed apply to the recitation of Athaan and Iqaamah for Salaat? What are the proofs? .. More

  • Why the Athaan is only in Arabic Date: 13-6-2005

    Please could you give me the answer as to why Athaan should not to be recited in different languages?.. More

  • Meaning of 'Faasiq' Date: 25-5-2005

    what is the definition of a Faasiq, here some people say that calling to prayer (Athaan) only that person will give who have a full long beard, they say a person who cuts or have a short beards cannot do the Athaan, because he falls in the category of Faasiq, and this is the case in mostly Indian or Pakistani Masaajid, not in the Arabs' Masjid where.. More

  • Calling the prayer and ablution Date: 11-4-2005

    Is it permissible to call Athaan without performing ablution (Wudu)? .. More

  • Azaan through speakers Date: 10-6-2004

    What do Qur'an and Sunnah say about giving Azaanthrough the speakers? Is it allowed? Jazak Allah.. More

  • Say the Iqamah when conducting prayers alone Date: 25-3-2004

    1)I have heard the virtues of reciting the following Surahs: Yasin, Al-Baqarah,Al-'Imran,Al- Mulk,As-Sajdah, Ad-Dukhan,Al-Fatihah, Al-Waqiah,Ar-Rahman,Al-Muzzammil,and the last three Surahs, as well as'Ayat-ul-Kursi.' Please tell me other Surahs with the virtues so thatI may recite them and tell others. 2)Do you have to say the Iqamah when.. More

  • Calling two Azan for Friday prayer Date: 15-3-2004

    I would like a ruling on the importance of calling 2 Azan in the Friday prayers. Where I live, some people say that it is not Wajib, only Sunnah and so they don't call 2 Azan. I don't agree with them. A good Fatwa would be useful... More

  • Calling the Azan using a microphone Date: 26-2-2004

    What does Islam say about giving the call to prayer using a microphone? When did it start and what is the wisdom behind it?.. More

  • Hears the Azan while in the toilet Date: 19-2-2004

    If one is in the toilet and hears the Azan should he keep quiet or answer the Azan internally?.. More

  • Who is responsible for correct Azan in a mosque? Date: 18-10-2003

    Can you tell me who is responsible for ensuring that the Azan in a mosque is called correctly, the Imam or the people running the mosque? If we have two imams shouldn't one do Azan instead of someone who cannot pronounce it properly?.. More