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  • Both Ways of Calling the Iqaamah Are Acceptable Date: 4-10-2003

    I have a question regarding saying Iqamah before Salat. I work for a company and at a time of Salat some Muslim brothers at work get together for prayer in the office. Last week I got there earlier and happened to call Azan and Iqamah. After I called the Iqamah, the brother who was going to lead the Salat said I called the Iqamah wrong and he recalled.. More

  • Several mosques with several Azans what to do? Date: 13-9-2003

    There are several mosques in our area belonging to various groups like Brailvi, Sunni Jama't and I do not know who else. When it is prayers time, there are prayer calls several times but with a gap of few minutes and this goes on for almost 20 minutes. My questions is that as Muslims we are supposed to stop work or whatever we are doing and listen.. More

  • Women performing Iqamah Date: 10-9-2003

    Would you please tell me if women can make (Iqamah for Salat) for a group of women at the time no men at the mosque?.. More

  • Mistakenly Changed Recitation of the Iqaamah Date: 1-4-2003

    About a month ago while reciting Iqama during my Salat I interchanged the position of Hayya Alal Salah with Hayya Alal Falah and vice versa. For about a month, I did not realize my mistake. What is the condition of my prayers? .. More

  • Calling the Azan before prayer when away from a mosque Date: 18-1-2003

    I am a young Muslim living in a non-Muslim country. It is impossible for me to perform all prayers in a mosque. So, I want to know is it permissible for me to call Azan in my house before praying?.. More

  • There must be one dedicated Muezzin Date: 5-1-2003

    Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ever made ADHAN by himself? If yes, please give reference and if not, then what was the reason behind?.. More

  • What if someone adds something to Adhan? Date: 11-12-2002

    What needs to be done, if the caller to prayer makes a mistake while delivering the Adhan? The mistake was adding an extra Ish-had that there is no God but Allah. What Kaffara needs to be made, if any?.. More

  • Adhan and Iqama are highly recommendable Date: 4-12-2002

    I'm a new Muslim and my family is living in a non-Muslim area. My question is: Do we need to call the Adhan? What do the Qur'an or Hadith say about this?.. More

  • Need to call the Adhan for prayer Date: 30-11-2002

    We're new Muslims living in non-Muslim area. Do we need to call the Adhan? Or just do the Iqama and pray? Some said no need to call the Adhan. Is this right?.. More

  • Are Azan and Iqama obligatory? Date: 18-9-2002

    Do men have to make the Azan and Iqama before praying the obligatory prayers?.. More

  • Calling the Azan inside the mosque Date: 12-9-2002

    Is it true that calling the Adhan inside the mosque is an innovation?About the Fajr prayer which Adhan was supposed to be called first, as Salat Kairun Mina Naom or the general one... More

  • Standing in mosque until the Azan ends Date: 7-7-2002

    What is the ruling on the people keep on standing in the mosque until the Azan (Calling for prayers) ends?.. More

  • Women and the call to prayer Date: 9-6-2002

    Why are women not allowed to make the call to prayer? I need the answers a.s.a.p... More

  • Sunnah of Iqamah Date: 19-5-2002

    Is saying al-Iqamah important or not?.. More

  • Reciting Iqamah if one prays alone Date: 8-10-2001

    If I miss the Jamaat for any Fard prayer do I have recite the Iqama if I pray alone?.. More