259 fatwas

  • Night prayer; Reading Qur'an only or praying Date: 24-5-2000

    Can the Qiyaam al-Layl (Night prayer) be reading Quran only or does it have to be praying? .. More

  • Praying Voluntary Prayers In Congregation Date: 5-5-2000

    A brother said that after completing Isha, voluntary prayers must be performed alone, not in congregation. Is it allowed to pray Tahajjud or part of it in congregation with others? .. More

  • Prayed Istikhara for something and felt poorly later Date: 12-10-1999

    Assalaam alaikum: I prayed Istikhara for something I am about to do, but afterward I started feeling bad with tightness in my chest whenever I approach the matter. Is this a sign from Allah to leave it or it is from the shaitan?.....Is it true that if you feel bad after this prayer that means not to do what you intended to do? Assalam alaikum.. More

  • The Istikhaarah prayer Date: 24-8-1999

    Tell me all about salat al istikhara. .. More