260 fatwas

  • Performing 4 supererogatory Rakahs with one Salaam Date: 27-2-2006

    Our Imam-e-Masjid told us a Hadeeth that Rasool-e-Mukarram  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention ) adviced to pray 10 or 12 Raka's Sunnah prayer in whole day before and after Fardh prayers (on various times), in Pakistan we use to pray 4 Raka's Sunnah, before 4 Raka's Fard of Salat-e-Thuhr, with 1 (One) Salaam (ending). However according to a Hadeeth in Saheeh.. More

  • Optional prayers performed everyday and every night Date: 25-12-2005

    In Ihya Uloom Id-Din of Imaam Ghazzali, may Allaahhave mercy on him, he says that there are some optional prayers which can be performed on everyday of the week and nights. Is that really authentic or weak because he quotes Hadeeth related to the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam. .. More

  • Completing the Quran in the Taraaweeh prayer Date: 20-11-2005

    Is it Sunnah to complete entire Quran recitation in Salaatul Taraaweeh prayers during Ramadhaan? Some peoples are completing entire Quran within 6 days (each night 5 Juz') at the starting days of Ramadhaan. They fear that they might not continue Taraaweeh prayer in the same mosque and as a result they may lose the sequence or chain of the.. More

  • Both Taraaweeh and Tahajjud are desirable and not obligatory Date: 20-11-2005

    My question is, in Ramadhaan, are we supposed to pray Taraaweeh and Tahajjud both? Or praying Taraaweeh suffices for Tahajjud? .. More

  • Holding the translation of the Quran during the Taraaweeh prayer Date: 20-10-2005

    Inshaa-Allaah, Ramadhaan is going to start soon. I want to know if it’s permissible to have during the Taraaweeh prayer, a translation of the Quran. My intention is not to correct the Imaam, but to understand what’s being recited. I can read and write Arabic, but I just lack understanding it. .. More

  • Praying Taraaweeh with the congregation is better than praying alone Date: 3-10-2005

    Today I heard from one mosque in Kerala, on Ramadhaan nights Taraaweeh with Jamaa't is better than Tahajjud, one man is doing Tahajjud everyday at midnight 365 days himself, what is the better in Ramadhaan Tahajjud or Taraaweeh? Please give me the clear answer as soon as possible, please keep me in your all supplications brother in Islam. .. More

  • Made Istikhaarah to find the right job Date: 11-8-2005

    I have made Istikharah pray to work in Qatar and my good facilitate all problem to work in this respectable land but I faced some problem in the work as my head of department was more lower in the qualification and the conditions are not stable during this time. I received and a good offer from Saudi Arabia and this offer is good regarding.. More

  • Making Istikhaarah to buy a house and invest in business Date: 11-7-2005

    Can I make Istikhaarah for 2 matters? For example, if I want to buy a house and invest in business. So, have I to make 2 Istikhaarah or 1 is sufficient I ask Allaah for both the matters. .. More

  • Etiquettes of prayer Date: 6-7-2005

    I would like to pray more in the night time. What is the difference between Tahajjud and Witr prayer? Can Sunnah prayers be made aloud and quietly? .. More

  • Prayers when entering the mosque just before the Iqaamah Date: 9-6-2005

    After entering the mosque, if there is not enough time left for the Iqaamah, which of the below listed prayers should be offered first. 1) Tahiyat Al-Masjid, or 2) 4 Raka'h Sunnah (for Thuhr Prayer)... More

  • Using Istikhaarah prayer to know whom one will eventually marry Date: 9-6-2005

    I wanted to ask simply, that if it is possible for people to know whether a person is right for them to marry or not through methods such as Istikhaarah why is it not possible to find out in the same way 'who' a person will actually end up marrying? Would this be classed as knowledge of the unseen?.. More

  • Praying for forgiveness and handling backbiting Date: 10-5-2005

    I'd like to know how pray for forgiveness from Allaah for the mistakes done your life? How to behave when you sometime have companions who always talk about other people. .. More

  • How to pray the four Rak'ahs prayer of Tasbeeh Date: 25-4-2005

    During the four Rak'ahs of Salaat-Tasbeeh, does one say the Tasleem and Tashahhud after the second Rak'ah as well as the end, or just at the end? .. More

  • Parents disapprove of his choice for marriage based upon their Istikhaara prayers Date: 16-3-2005

    My brother is 31-years-old, he loves one girl who is divorcee but our parents are not agree with this marriage and for sake of son they performed Namaaz-e-Istikhaara and the result came is –I've, so even parents are helpless to fulfill my brother's desire after the result of Namaaz-e-Istikhaara, so is there any possibility to perform.. More

  • Way to perform night prayer Date: 26-1-2005

    My question is, do I have to pray at midnight and over to be considered as Qyam-allail? If just I wake up at night and do some Tasbeeh, is this also as Qyam-allail? If so, do I have to be in a full Tahara (purification) Wudu? .. More