262 fatwas

  • A prayer for leaving and entering the house and the virtues of voluntary prayers at home Date: 12-1-2014

    I heard the preacher in one of the mosques saying that the Messenger of Allaah, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said: "Whoever performs two Rak‘ahs before leaving and entering his house, Allaah The Exalted Will Safeguard him against evils." Is it an act of the Sunnah to perform a two-Rak‘ah voluntary prayer before going to work, the market or any.. More

  • Praying four Rak’ahs before Thuhr and four after it Date: 5-1-2014

    Dear Scholar. Assalam-o-Aliekom! There is a Hadith mentioned in your fatwa no. 84719 that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) said: "If anyone keeps on praying regularly four Raka'h before and four after the noon prayer, he will not enter the Hell-fire" [ Abu Dawood and al-Tirmizi ]. My question is how can I incorporate these naafil prayers in.. More

  • He regrets not having done Istikhaarah before applying to a job Date: 25-11-2013

    I was not selected for job for which I aspired a lot and I feel very much sorrow and grief all the times for not being selected .Later I read that if a man do ISTIKHARA he will never regret .Then my pain further increased and I thought “ O ALAS IF I HAD DONE ISTIKHARA BEFORE APPLYING I SHOULD HAVE NEVER FELT REGRET IF I HAD DONE ISTIKHARA“. Now.. More

  • Praying Sunnah Rak'ahs of Fajr after the Iqaamah Date: 14-11-2013

    assalamu alaykum, Hanafi scholars say that it is permissible to pray Fajr Sunnah prayer even if Iqamah is called and if there is a chance to catup the Fajr Fard salah after praying Sunnah. The below are the evidence they give. Abdullah ibn Abi Moosa narrates: Ibn Masood(ra) came and the Imam was in the Fajr prayer. He performed the sunnah prayer behind.. More

  • Some practices done in India after Taraaweeh prayer Date: 1-9-2013

    AsSalamu Alaykkum My question is related to some practices seen in the month of Ramadan. I hope that you can save many people from corrupted practice in the coming month of Ramadan. In many Mosques in India soon after the Taraweeh prayer a preacher comes and sits on the Minber and explains the gatherings about the importance of the verses that they.. More

  • Istikhaarah before marriage is recommended, not obligatory Date: 10-5-2013

    i want to marry a woman. if i do istikhara and result come positive, should i tell to her that you do istikhara also or there is no need. if she do istikhara and result come negative. what should i do marry with her or not. Because this has happened to someone that is why i am asking you. if it happen with me what should i do. .. More

  • Perform Dhuha prayer before sunrise due to a necessity Date: 9-5-2013

    What are the forbidden times for prayer? I work in Ramadhaan from seven in the morning and I cannot stay in the mosque after Fajr Prayer until 6:40 am (i.e. the time of sunrise) in order to perform the Dhuha prayer as I have to go to work. Is it permissible for me to perform the two Rak‘ahs of Dhuha five or ten minutes before sunrise so as to gain.. More

  • Offering the Sunnah prayers of Thuhr when combining Thuhr and ‘Asr Date: 9-5-2013

    I am suffering from urinary incontinence. I delay the Thuhr and combine it with ‘Asr. I am very keen on offering the Sunnah prayer so when can I offer the regular Sunnah prayers before and after Thuhr as well as the Sunnah prayer before ‘Asr? Can I offer them after I combine Thuhr and ‘Asr?.. More

  • Repeating certain Surahs during the Taraaweeh prayer- A religious view Date: 7-5-2013

    We often offer the Taraaweeh prayer according to the following form: twenty Rak‘as, in each two Rak‘as the Imaam recites from Surah At-Takaathur until Surah Al-Masad. Then, in the second one he recites Surah Al-Ikhlaas. This form is being quickly repeated every night. Is it considered an aspect of a prohibited specification?.. More

  • Voluntary prayer: out loud at night and in a low tone during the day Date: 7-5-2013

    I would like to perform a two-Rak‘ah voluntary prayer; should it be performed out loud or in a low tone?.. More

  • The reward of Ishraaq prayer Date: 26-2-2013

    I asked u guys earlier about Salah Isharq and u had directed me to various fatwas regarding it but I am really sorry I didn't understand those properly so here I am writing it again. I am writing what is my understanding for Salah Ishraq Please let me know whether I am right or wrong.. After Fajr prayer one must be sitting at the same place and read.. More

  • Performing Istikhaarah to distinguish between Halaal and Haraam Date: 29-12-2012

    Assalamou Alaikoum, Is it permissible to make salat al istikhara if there are multiple opinions regarding a halal and haram matter. For example, there are multiple opinions on whether to use islamic banks services or not and I asked around and received multiple fatwas with multiple proofs from quran and hadith. As a person who does not know all.. More

  • Offering two Rak‘ahs after Witr and before Fajr prayer Date: 26-12-2012

    What does Az-Zahhaafah prayer mean? Is it permissible to offer two Rak‘ahs after Witr and before Fajr prayer?.. More

  • Opinions of scholars regarding Witr at the time of combining prayers Date: 26-12-2012

    In Bosnia, we are exposed to snow and other difficult weather conditions and this compels us to combine prayers. The question is, when we combine Maghrib and ‘Ishaa’ prayers at the time of Maghrib, should we offer the Sunnah (i.e. two supererogatory prayers) of Maghrib and ‘Ishaa’ along with the Witr after we finish combining prayers or.. More

  • Difference between Subh prayer and Dhuha prayer Date: 25-12-2012

    What is the intended meaning of Fajr prayer, Dhuha prayer and Subh prayer and what is the difference between them? Is there a supplication in Fajr prayer like that of Witr prayer?.. More