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  • Performing Salat Al-Haajah in congregation Date: 26-11-2007

    Assalamualaikum. After the Friday congregation prayer, the imam perform the hajat prayer in congregation. Is this bid'ah? What type of hajat prayer can be done in congregation? All I know is only asking for rain. Can you please kindly let me know soon? Lately there have been all sorts of ritual being perform and I don't want to be involve in bid'ah... More

  • Saying 'Allaahumma Taqabbal' after the prayer Date: 9-5-2005

    My question: Is there any proof to say "Allaahumma Taqabbal" to your brother prayed at your side after performing the Salaat together or is this Bid'a?.. More

  • Group prayer by the Imaam after obligatory prayers Date: 14-9-2004

    Is a group prayer by Imaam just after each Fardh prayer is permitted or it is done by Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, is any restriction to pray to Allaah, Oh Allaah, please forgive me.... 'Be haqi Muhammad, Sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam. .. More

  • A peculiar practice after Tasleem ending the prayer Date: 22-4-2004

    What is the ruling on a person who after praying (Tasleem) blows on to his thumbs, wipes his eyes, and holds his head with right hand while saying something? Is there any authentic Hadith or support for this behavior?.. More

  • Ayah days of Ramadan Date: 8-2-2004

    What are the three Ayah for Ramadan days in which we pray all day for 10 days, each Ayah for 10 days?.. More

  • Du'a in group after Salah Date: 24-12-2003

    Is the Du'a in group after Salah Faridhah or after Taraweeh acceptable or it is Bid'aah, many people comes to the Imam in our local mosque in north London and ask him to make Du'a for them after Taraweeh specially and all raises their hands except me and few people... More

  • Repeated practices of Muslims after prayers Date: 26-1-2003

    I am Indian Muslim staying in Oman. Here in our area mosque Imam is shaking hands with all the people and peoples is also shaking hand with everyone just after Fajr prayer, is it correct or innovation?After completing the salah & Dua peoples are putting their hands on their faces and saying 'Ashhado'...... Is it correct or innovation?.. More

  • Doing Dhikr after prayer loudly Date: 4-12-2002

    Is doing Dhikr after congregational prayers at the same time with one voice a "Bid'ah"?.. More

  • Saying Taqabala Allah after the prayer Date: 2-7-2002

    Saying Taqabala Allah after Salah is it Bidah? .. More

  • Bidah practiced, Malaysia Date: 27-1-2002

    In Malaysia it is common practice after prayer for the Imam and the congregation to perform/recite the Istighfar, praises to Allah, the Fatiha, Ayah ul-Kursi, Takbir, Tahmid, etc. together. Finally, the Imam will read Dua' and the congregation will raise their hands and saying A'min. Is this Bidah considering that the practice is so widespread and regarded.. More

  • Salathun Naria Date: 11-3-2001

    Please give Fatwa on Salathun Naria Please find the attachment “SALATHUN NARIA” 1 and 2 (With English translation) and its widely recited in the asian subcontinent countries like India, Sri Lanka and some other places in order to get good deeds from Allahu (SWT) Therefore, kindly send your fatwa to my e-mail address given below on this matter.. More

  • Thikr in Congregation after Prayer Date: 1-1-2001

    I recently began attending a new Masjid and I observed them performing a specific Dhikr in congregation after every Salah. They claim a Sheikh instructed them to do so to protect the Masjid. I informed them, according to my knowledge their actions were not permissible for many reasons. Am I correct; is there such a Dhikr? Should it be done collectively? .. More

  • Important Nights of Prayer Date: 20-10-2000

    What are the important nights for prayer (like Laiat ul-Qadar, Laiat ul-Barat (the night when Allah makes decisions about the world, etc. and the night of Miraj (when the Prophet ascened to heaven and visited Allah) and how to celebrate them? .. More