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  • Burying the dead in a place that does not belong to him/her Date: 8-12-2005

    Recently one young woman dies in our neighbourhood; 1) Her funeral prayer was offered in one neighbours house; it was Friday just after half an hour Friday prayer would start and many people would attend funeral prayers but relatives were of opinion that it is better to bury the dead early not to wait till after Friday prayers were.. More

  • Transporting the dead to be buried in another country Date: 7-12-2005

    If it is one's wish to be buried in their place of birth, amongst all his family members, can the deceased be flown overseas to his requested final resting place or must he be buried in the country where he passed?.. More

  • Burying a deceased woman who does not have a Mahram Date: 27-11-2005

    If Muslim woman dies and does not have the Mahram with her who is going to bury her? .. More

  • Attending the crematorium of a Hindu colleague Date: 9-10-2005

    A non-Muslim colleague of a department died. Everybody from the department including Muslim went to the crematorium to dispose of the body as per Hindu law. My question is: can a Muslim go to crematorium to attend the last rites of non-Muslim? .. More

  • Buried an unknown man in the Islamic way Date: 2-3-2005

    We are Muslim but our question is that a man who died in jungle and you did not about his religion. Can you bury him in Islamic way? .. More

  • Burial on Friday Date: 27-12-2004

    There is a belief that if a person dies on a Thursday, he should be buried before the next Friday prayers and if one dies on Friday and buried that day itself, there will be no "Azaab" of the "Khabar". Similarly on the 40th day of burial when "Chehullum Faatihah" is conducted, the "Rooh" of the person visits the place. Are these beliefs correct.. More

  • Proper burial in Islam Date: 29-8-2004

    What is the reason behind not performing cremations, not using coffins but cloth to cover the body, and women not being present at the site of the burial during a funeral service?.. More

  • Burial in a grave with water and seeing the face of the dead Date: 27-6-2004

    1) Last week a friend went for funeral service. He said that the grave was full of water. Is it allowed to bury a dead person in water? 2) The imam said that it is not allowed to see the face of a dead person after (Ghusl). Is this correct in light of Quran and Sunnah?.. More

  • Disposing of amputated legs Date: 24-12-2003

    Both legs my uncle's were amputated due to serious diabetes. Do we have bathe them as Janazah and also perform Janazah prayers... More

  • Hasten to bury the dead Date: 10-12-2003

    What is the reason behind burying the dead as soon as they die?.. More

  • SARS victims in Hong Kong are cremated Date: 13-5-2003

    You may be aware of the contagious disease (SARS) which is recently hitting Hong Kong/China nowadays. First of all we like to inform you that according to policy of Hong Kong Government and who that if any person dies with this virus, The health department won't allow the relatives to take the dead body for funeral/ burial/cremation, etc., but the health.. More

  • Burial of Women Date: 10-2-2003

    What is Islamic Sharia requirement on the burial of Mulim woman? Is she buried under different depth than a Muslim man? .. More

  • Burial of Men and Women in Islam Date: 12-1-2003

    Is it true that men, and women are buried in Islam at different depths of ground? .. More

  • Cremation in Islam Date: 7-10-2002

    Is cremation, instead of burial, of a dead person allowed, when there is a shortage of land?.. More

  • Cremation in Islam Date: 16-9-2002

    Is cremation of a dead body, permitted in Islam?.. More