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  • Du’aa’ During Burial of the Dead Date: 17-7-2002

    I would like to know if during burial the beginning of Surah Al-Baqarah is read at the head side of the buried and Aamana ar-Rasoolah at the leg side. Also please inform me if there is any collective Du'a anywhere during the burial. .. More

  • Burying Muslims with non-Muslims Date: 22-4-2002

    Is it permissible to bury dead Muslims in graves of non-Muslims? What is the ruling in this concern?.. More

  • Burying a body without a brain Date: 27-1-2002

    A relative of mine (May Allah (SWT) have mercy on him), died two weeks ago in the UK from a brain hemorrhage. He was found unconscious outside his house by neighbours and was rushed to hospital where he died several days later. The doctors could not decide whether he had slipped and hit his head or some one had attacked him. As a result they refused.. More

  • Rulings regarding burial of Christian parents Date: 3-12-1999

    I am a convert to Islam. Are there any Islamic rulings regarding the burial of parents who are Christians?.. More

  • Body of Muslim's six-month old child buried in Christian cemetery Date: 28-10-1999

    I am an Arab who went to Russia to study. I married a Russian girl who converted to Islam for the sake of Allah. We have three children. After graduation I immigrated to an Arab Country for work, and my family joined me. Later, my wife chose to go back to Russia with my consent. There, my 6-month old daughter passed away. Her mother unaware of where.. More