30 fatwas

  • A woman dying due to womb-cancer; a martyr? Date: 21-2-2012

    salam aleikum sheikh..i would like to know if dying from one sickness, like in my case can be cancer in utuerus...is it like to die in jihad??i have read that because women cant make jihad beause we have small children and so on that die from sickness will still take us to jennah insha allah???.. More

  • Dying while saving the life of a non-Muslim Date: 7-8-2011

    Assalam wa alykum if a muslim dies while saving a life of kafir, will he get a reward of a martyr? .. More

  • Is the victim of a car accident considered a martyr? Date: 28-2-2011

    I read in one Fatwa that death in a car accident is considered a type of sudden death, not a degree of martyrdom. Aren’t these accidents considered unintentional killing? Aren’t their victims considered martyrs, like the unjustly killed person?.. More

  • Martyrs are alive with their Lord Date: 27-1-2011

    Will martyrs enter Paradise before the Day of Resurrection?.. More

  • Martyrs in battle and other martyrs Date: 26-9-2010

    The Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, referred to Muslims who drowned and died of abdominal diseases and others as martyrs. Will they enjoy the same reward as that enjoyed by martyrs in battle such as salvation from torment in the grave, forgiveness of sins, seeing one’s seat in Paradise, and other rewards?Will a Muslim woman who dies during.. More

  • A drowned person as a martyr Date: 29-6-2010

    Assalamu Aleikum, i just wanted to ask regarding a person dying as a shaheed when he drawns for example....my question is will he be considered as shaheed even if he was not a muslim or a practicing muslim? jazakallah.. More

  • Supplicating for achieving martyrdom Date: 28-6-2010

    Salaam Alaikum Sheikh, Can one supplicate for his martyrdom i.e. like saying: "ALLAHumma inni as-alukal-Jihaad" and in order to become generous and pious can he take medical pills to control his anger? Jazaak ALLAHu khair... More

  • Dying due to a heart attack is not a kind of martyrdom Date: 21-6-2009

    salamualikum wa rahmatullah wa barkatuhu If a person die due to sever heart attack does he/she be counted as shaheed?.. More

  • Meaning of Shaheed Date: 13-4-2005

    Why people died in accident are called Shaheed? .. More

  • Interpreting the meaning of how a person dies Date: 23-3-2005

    My question is related to death and is as follow: If a Muslim person dies a horrible death is that in anyway a punishment? For example; someone dies in a car accident or a bombing and his/her body becomes completely mutated; is this kind of death a punishment to that person? .. More

  • Categories of the martyrs Date: 30-11-2004

    Could you please comment on the following Hadeeth? There are many Hadeeth, like the one below, is reported in many books. But I don't understand how a person, who dies in ways other than in the path of God, be considered as martyr. Abu Hurayrah reported that Allaah's Messenger, peace be upon him, asked: "Who do you consider to be a martyr?".. More

  • Reward of the martyr Date: 24-10-2004

    Where might one get the idea that a martyr will be granted a number of virgins in Jannah? This is something I hear too often from the opposition to Islaam. .. More

  • Regrets having wanted to die as a 'Shaheed (martyr) Date: 26-7-2004

    I have a question regarding martyrdom (shaheed. I and my husband were watching a television program regarding Palestine and I felt very moved by what I saw. I said to my husband I pray that I also die as a shaheed. Shortly after it occurred to me that I wanted to share a long life with my husband and have children and see them grow up. I then.. More

  • Odor of the martyr Date: 25-5-2002

    Is it true that al-Shaheed do not have a bad smell as those who died in a normal way?.. More

  • A Muslim who is killed unjustly is considered a martyr Date: 17-3-2002

    I heard that if a Muslim person is killed by an intruder or dies by some accident or natural phenomena, he/she will go to Heaven directly. Is it true? Please tell me about it... More