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  • Whether martyrdom is accepted from Muslim who does not pray Date: 21-3-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a question; if a person dies as a martyr or dies by being killed or being shot or by a bomb and that person did not pray, will that person's martyrdom be accepted or not? .. More

  • One who dies in train crash may qualify as martyr Date: 27-4-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. My husband was suffering from severe depression, It could also have been a clinical depression. Only Allaah knows; last month, he left the house telling me he was going to meet someone. Within 30 minutes, I got a call from the police informing me that he was involved in a train accident. I rushed to the hospital, where he was still.. More

  • Difference between the martyrs of this world and those of the Hereafter Date: 20-1-2014

    My father died as a result of a motorcycle accident upon his return from the Taraaweeh prayer on the 17th of last Ramadhaan. Is he a martyr? What is the difference between the martyrs of this world and those of the Hereafter? .. More

  • Dying while saving the life of a non-Muslim Date: 7-8-2011

    Assalam wa alykum if a muslim dies while saving a life of kafir, will he get a reward of a martyr? .. More

  • Is the victim of a car accident considered a martyr? Date: 28-2-2011

    I read in one Fatwa that death in a car accident is considered a type of sudden death, not a degree of martyrdom. Aren’t these accidents considered unintentional killing? Aren’t their victims considered martyrs, like the unjustly killed person?.. More

  • Dying due to a heart attack is not a kind of martyrdom Date: 21-6-2009

    salamualikum wa rahmatullah wa barkatuhu If a person die due to sever heart attack does he/she be counted as shaheed?.. More

  • Meaning of Shaheed Date: 13-4-2005

    Why people died in accident are called Shaheed? .. More

  • Reward of the martyr Date: 24-10-2004

    Where might one get the idea that a martyr will be granted a number of virgins in Jannah? This is something I hear too often from the opposition to Islaam. .. More

  • Regrets having wanted to die as a 'Shaheed (martyr) Date: 26-7-2004

    I have a question regarding martyrdom (shaheed. I and my husband were watching a television program regarding Palestine and I felt very moved by what I saw. I said to my husband I pray that I also die as a shaheed. Shortly after it occurred to me that I wanted to share a long life with my husband and have children and see them grow up. I then.. More

  • A Muslim who is killed unjustly is considered a martyr Date: 17-3-2002

    I heard that if a Muslim person is killed by an intruder or dies by some accident or natural phenomena, he/she will go to Heaven directly. Is it true? Please tell me about it... More