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  • Trying to do good deeds for deceased uncle Date: 13-4-2003

    My uncle just passed away about 2 weeks ago. I went out and printed some verses from the Qur'an and distributed them around mosques. Would my uncle be rewarded for such Sadakha even if it was out of my pocket, not his?.. More

  • Acts for the dead Date: 18-1-2003

    If we make a duaa for a person who died, Is he benefited ? If we read Qur'an for a dead body, does he get jaza (reward)?Also two or three or more person do this together. For example, we visit a house of the person who died and we make Duaa or Qur'an for "EIsaal-e-sawab", no food or any other thing.In islam Duaa-e-Magfrat is allowed and we can do it.. More

  • Supplicating in Favor of Deceased Parents Date: 29-10-2002

    If a child prays for the forgiveness of his/her father who has passed away, regardless if the father was sinful or not, does it only save him in the grave, or will it also save him during the Resurrection Day? .. More

  • Deeds for deceased persons Date: 30-9-2002

    My father is not living. Can I fast for him so he gets reward from Allah? He, al-Hamdulillah, was very punctual regarding his prayers and fasts. I just want to know if I can fast on my own for him and not as compensation for some of his missing fasts.Is it ok to do Umrah or Hajj for a dead person? Can we say Nafil for people who have died so that.. More

  • Fasting for deceased relatives Date: 24-9-2002

    My father died when I was 5 and I want to know if I can fast for the days that he might have not fasted, but I don't know the exact number of days! So, can I fast them? Also, I had an uncle who used to take care of us, like a father to us, but he died 3 years ago. I want to know if I can fast for him even though I don't know the number of days? When.. More

  • Fidya for deceased who missed some prayers Date: 12-9-2002

    Can someone pay Fidya for Salat of a dead person who missed some Salat in his life?.. More

  • Seeking forgiveness of wrongs done to the deceased Date: 22-7-2002

    If someone dies that you know or a family member, and you had not asked for forgiveness for any wrong to them will you be forgiven if you pray for that person and ask Allah for forgiveness?.. More

  • Giving reward for Qur'anic recitation to deceased relatives Date: 4-5-2002

    1. Is it permissible to present the reward of recitation of Qur'an to dead relatives?2. Is it correct to present the reward for more than one person?.. More

  • Helping a deceased person Date: 5-3-2002

    My 27-year-old sister died with her 8-year-old son. I can feel her around me. Is that possible and what can I do to help her?.. More

  • Dying father wants to pay someone to compensate for 20 years of missed prayers Date: 26-11-2001

    I have a question. Please guide me in this regard. When my father was dying he told us to pay some money to a good Muslim believer to say daily prayers for him as compensation of a part of his lost prayers. (Equal to 20 years of daily prayers). The Ulamahs of Shiite say we can do this, but the matter that somebody can say prayer for another person is.. More

  • Fasting on behalf of someone else Date: 20-1-2000

    What is the Islamic perspective upon fasting on behalf of someone else? Is it permitted to fast on behalf of somebody else? .. More