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  • Holding banquet for relatives and poor people after father's death Date: 13-11-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I read in your fatwas that it is a religious innovation to arrange a feast 40 days after the death of someone. What if one customarily gathers his relatives after his father's death (with no emphasis on a specific day and date) and arranges a feast for them where some poor people are also invited? This is not done as a specific act.. More

  • False claims about washing and carrying dead Date: 25-5-2017

    Is it true that if a son does not bathe and carry the dead body of his father, the father cannot go to Paradise? Is it right that if the son/husband does not carry dead body of the woman or if the woman dies in an unmarried state, she cannot go to Paradise? .. More

  • Pouring Zamzam water inside grave at burial Date: 2-6-2016

    I have heard that pouring Zamzam water inside the grave during the burial is good. Last week, during my mother's burial in UAE, the maulvi stopped me from doing so saying that it is an innovation. Please advise with a hadith reference. Thank you .. More

  • No relation between Athaan in the newborn's ear and his funeral prayer afterwards Date: 27-3-2014

    Assalaamualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh, I have read that the adhan is given at the time of birth in the right ear of a baby and the salah (salatul janazah), relating to that adhan, is read after death. Is there a hadith that supports this connection between the adhan at birth and salah read after death. Thank you. Jazakallahu khayran. .. More

  • A bridal ceremony should not be postponed for more than three days after a death Date: 20-1-2014

    My paternal female cousin died on Monday and my bridal ceremony will be held on Thursday. What should I do? Is it better to postpone or complete it? I heard that there is no impediment from holding a party on such occasions three days after condolences. Is there any Hadeeth in this respect? Advise me, may Allaah The Almighty reward you... More

  • Eating food on which Al-Faatihah was recited for the dead Date: 2-8-2011

    Assalamu Alaykum. I have many questions. Q1) Can we recite darood shareef to our dead ones. Q2) Can we eat the food over which fateha is given. Q3) In india people celebrate festivals like "gyaarvee" and "kunde", so is it permitted or prohibited... More

  • Reciting the Athaan when burying the dead Date: 16-5-2011

    What about Saying Azan on grave (After burial)?.. More

  • Performing the Firdaws prayer for the dead Date: 7-3-2011

    Dear, Is it recommended to organise firdaus prayer for the dead after three days since he has been buried... More

  • Speech ceremonies praising the dead Date: 28-2-2011

    We recite the Quran, offer its reward for the dead and supplicate for him/her, just as people gather on the third day (after the date of death) to read the whole Quran. Some Imaams describe this as a prohibited religious innovation that must be shunned. They therefore alter it into ceremonies where every person takes his turn to give a short talk.. More

  • A religious innovation to sacrifice at the grave Date: 6-2-2011

    We have heard that there should be a sacrificial animal offered on behalf of the deceased between the Fajr and ‘Eed Prayers. Is this true? .. More

  • Washing the shroud with Zamzam water Date: 26-1-2011

    Is it permissible to wash the shroud with Zamzam water to seek blessings? If doing so does not harm one’s religion, is it still considered a misleading innovation in the religion?.. More

  • Celebrations and banquets at graves – a religious innovation Date: 4-10-2010

    Is it lawful to spend money on Mawlids (birthday celebrations) festivals and ceremonies performed for the sake of the dead?.. More

  • It rained during the funeral of her father Date: 31-5-2010

    What is the significance of rain in Islam? When my father passed away, it rained when they placed his body in the van to take him to the masjid for the janazah prayers. Then one year later, on his death anniversary - it rained heavily. Folks are telling it is a good sign. Pls confirm if this has any significance. also, is it true that if you die on.. More

  • Her cousin blames her family for neglecting their guests in the funeral of her grandmother Date: 18-5-2010

    Salaams, Recently our grandmother passed away,and since then my cousin who lives abroad has brought to my attention,what he claims to be some evil and shameful deeds that took place in our home,where the funeral took place. I live abroad as well,and am quite offended as he insists that the persons who told his family of this, are good people and dont.. More

  • Eating food prepared after the burial of the deceased Date: 23-3-2010

    Is it permissible or allowed for a Muslim to eat food prepared to entertain guests after a christian funeral or even after a Muslim funeral as it is done in Nigeria. (The one for Muslim is done as a sort of charity on behalf of their dead)?.. More