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  • Is a pregnant woman obligated to fast during Ramadan?

    Assalamu alaykum!I have been trying to get pregnant and it seems insha'Allah it happened (some bodily symptoms start to show) but I cannot yet test, as it's too early. I need to wait 10 days until the test will be effective. In the meantime, Ramadan starts and I do not know what the ruling is, whether I have to fast until I find out for sure, or it's.. More

  • When should the person who is traveling break his fast?

    1. salam, if i am traveling from Nigeria to Ethiopia which is 2 hours ahead of Nigeria with the intention of fasting while going to Ethiopia which is 2 hours ahead of Nigeria. what time will I break my fast? .. More

  • Ruling on a person who apostatized before he reached puberty

    Assalamualaikum sheikh,hope you can answer my question when you see this question.if a person apostatized before he reach the age of puberty he will not accountable of it.But what if a person reach the age of puberty but dont know that it was sign of puberty ,will his apostate be valid? .. More

  • Emission of Madhi without Pleasure Does Not Invalidate Fasting

    Salamu 3allaikum,Last Ramadan i emitted Madhi during some days.I think most of the time it wasn´t on purpose but i don´t know for each time exactly.I watched some Fatawa where it was said that it doesn´t nullify my fasting. I follow the Maliki school of thought but because i saw also a Maliki Sheikh who said that it doesn´t nullify the fasting i.. More

  • Fasting for a Patient with Russell Silver Syndrome

    I have feeding difficulties so I can only eat one meal a day due to Russell Silver Syndrome and due to this I have hypoglycaemia and heart issues. Do I still fast for Ramadan or am I exempt?. .. More

  • Suffers From Low Hemoglobin; Should he Fast?

    If someone has pulmonary embolism or pulmonary hypertension, or his Hemoglobin is very low (8.5) (Very strong Anemia) should he/she still fast? Jazzakum Allah Khairan .. More

  • Travelling For 2 Days to a Non-Muslim Country in Ramadan: Can He Break The Fast

    Dear Respected Scholars, I will be travelling abroad (to a non-muslim country) on the last day of Sahban (05/05/2019) for a training program. I will be staying there for 2 days (1st and 2nd day of Ramadan i.e. 06-07/05/2019) and will be travelling back to Doha on 3rd day (08/05/2019). Please clarify if I have to fast during my stay there or I can avail.. More

  • Travelling to do Both Permissible and Impermissible Things

    Is there concession(for prayer and fasting) for someone who travel for both bad and good things but his main aim is the good thing ?. .. More

  • Giving Priority to People with Special Needs

    I have heard many Hadiths on how Prophet Muhammad treated individuals who has special needs. He gave them his full attention and took care of their needs. If an individual who has special needs is in contact with someone who is a teacher/someone who they look up to, is that someone suppose to to go them first than the average human being? .. More

  • Her Husband Does Not Fast Ramadan

    I just married my husband 4 months ago, we are now expecting a baby. When I married him I was under the impression that he fasts and prays but now as it is ramandan, he told me he can’t fast during the summer because it’s too hard on him since he’s a smoker.What should I do in this situation? Do I have to leave him? Thank you so much .. More

  • Delaying Making up the Fasting because of Sickness

    Assalamu'alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa BarkatuhI missed fasts in Ramadan and did not finish making it all up even until now a few Ramadan has passed. Now Im unable to fast because of my sickness and I am not sure wether in the future Im going to be able to make up the few days that I wasn't able to finish making up. Ive read about the ruling of delaying.. More

  • Training children to fast where daytime is very long

    We live in Europe. We will fast around 18 to 19 hours in Ramadan. My 10 year-old-child has been training for two years to fast Ramadan by increasing the number of hours every few or couple of days until he became able to fast complete days towards the end of Ramadan. However, we were not in Europe when I was trying to train my child. This year, I do.. More

  • Traveling in Ramadhaan

    Assalaamu alaykum. I had registered for an architectural study tour of more than a week to various countries and later discovered that Ramadan started during the journey. I took the consideration for a traveller and made up for the missed fasts of Ramadan later because of this journey. Is this correct, or should I have cancelled the journey since Ramadan.. More

  • Missing fast days due to illness

    I have had very long menstrual cycles and abnormal bleeding for most of Ramadan this year. I went to my doctor, and they have found that I have two polyps in my endometri that could be benign or cancerous and will need surgery in the next few weeks. Allah willing, it is just benign, but even now, when I am not bleeding, the pain is so bad that I have.. More

  • Fasting for one who works on travelling ship

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah. I am sea man who works on a ship. I am the only Muslim on my current ship. I am from Ethiopia, but due to this job, I travel all over the world. This is my first Ramadan onboard; before I used to fast with my family at home in happiness, but now I am afraid because the job is very hard. Even without fasting, I have.. More