140 fatwas

  • Drinking water thinking that the sun had set Date: 27-8-2009

    I had to make up for a day of fasting that I missed last Ramadhaan and I actually did that before the advent of the current Ramadhaan. Here is my question: Having performed the Fajr Prayer, I slept and when I woke up, I looked at the clock and thought that the sun had already set. So, I drank a cup of water and then returned to sleep again. When I.. More

  • The ruling on the woman forced to have sexual intercourse during the day of Ramadan Date: 10-8-2009

    Last Ramadhaan, I was raped by a work colleague and the sanctity of this day was violated despite my best efforts. So, am I required to offer expiation or just make up for this day? Please advise... More

  • The ruling on breaking one’s fast believing that the sun has set Date: 10-8-2009

    I was making up for the missed days of fasting after Ramadhaan when I heard a family member saying that the Mu’aththin (caller to prayer) had started announcing the Athaan (call to prayer) of the Maghrib Prayer. Hence, I ate some salad, but they later said that they were not sure as to whether they had really heard the Athaan or not, as we.. More

  • Swallowing the blood which comes out of one’s gum Date: 13-3-2007

    Is it Haram to swallow the blood, which comes out from the gum? If one has continuos gum bleeding and he swallows the blood does it break his fast (sawm). .. More

  • The change of the time of woman's menses does not affect her fasting Date: 9-10-2006

    I am going to take the treatment of fertility .for this ivf have to be done .my periods came on7 sep . doctor gave me injection for period withdrawal so periods came again after 15 days . My question is I should fast or not ? fast of ramadan ..Coz due to treatment habit of periods is changed .I think next month periods will not come at the normal time.. More

  • Needs to remove his tooth during the day in Ramadan Date: 5-10-2006

    Salam Alaykum, I am writing to get clearification on the matter of Fasting in Ramadan. Over my years of fasting, I never missed any fasting days. However, this year, I am in bit ackward postion. I have a pain in my teeths, which is called wisdom teeth. However, this causes for me to have severe pain. I need to go and remove this teeth during in daytime.. More

  • The ruling on fasting while having blood discharges because of ovarian cysts in the womb Date: 30-3-2006

    I have a sister who has ovarian cysts in her womb, and she fasted for two days in Ramadhaan. She has her menses daily when it is nearly time for Maghrib Athaan (call for the prayer), so shall she make up for these days or what?.. More

  • Feeling the beginning of menses does not affect fasting Date: 21-3-2006

    What is the ruling on a fasting woman who feels that her menses started before the time of breaking the fast, about ten minutes or in a period less than two hours? Is this day considered as a fasting day or do I have to make it up?.. More

  • Was pregnant and chewed and swallowed hard clay while fasting Date: 1-3-2006

    1) My enquiry is that a long time ago when I used to pray for Allaah I used to cry and when I raised my hands up to Allaah for forgiveness, I would feel something now I can't cry and I don't feel the Baraka of the Salah. Please help me. 2) When I was pregnant I fasted all of it, but I had this weird cravings that I would smell and chew and also swallow.. More

  • Fasting without praying Date: 2-1-2006

    What actions someone might take that would make his fasting officially void? In other words ... some 'Mufties' said that not praying during fasting doesn't nullify the fasting. But of course it is Haraam and his fasting might be considered incomplete. I want to know what else than eating and drinking during fasting causes fasting to be void. .. More

  • Trying to fast with bleeding gums Date: 18-5-2005

    During the last Ramadhan I had blood coming out of my gums from the time I wake up to the time I break my fast. I try to spit the blood out but there are times when I swallow some. I was wondering if I have to fast again (making-up)... More

  • Guilty about masturbating during Ramadan Date: 13-12-2004

    I converted at the beginning of Ramadhaan so I am very new to Islam, however I am doing worse in Ramadhaan then before. I have ruined my fast by masturbating three times on three different days during the time of the fast. I am so guilty and angry with myself, I do not know what to do. I hate myself for this and feel no matter what I do,.. More

  • Conducted foreplay almost to point of ejaculation while fasting Date: 9-12-2004

    During fasting I had desire to have sexual intercourse. My wife and I are fasting so I foreplay until so much discharge oozes out from my wife's vagina. From my penis a clear fluid came out. But I did not put in my penis into the vagina; we just hugged each other and so on. There was no ejaculation also. Is my fast valid and please explain whether.. More

  • Vomited during Ramadan Date: 7-12-2004

    I am pregnant and I had nausea and vomiting more than 2-3 times per day in Ramadhaan when I am fasting, I lose more than 4 kg my weigh during last month, I would be please ask if I must be repeat all days I vomited on it I think all Ramadhaan, so what can I do? .. More

  • Menses during Ramadan Date: 5-12-2004

    Why won't the days a woman is menstruating in Ramadhaan count? .. More