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  • Eating After Hearing the Athaan Date: 11-7-2019

    Assalamu Alaikum. When I was taking my suhur, I rushed over to drink water when I heard the Muazzin say Allahu Akbar. Is my fast valid? Because I heard a fatwah somewhere that it was said if a person is taking his suhur and suddenly he hears the azaan he should not stop but rather continue with his suhur without rushing and finish. Please I wanted.. More

  • Helping others Break their Fast is a Sin Date: 12-7-2018

    I have two young male employees,who are poor. They do not fast during ramzan. If I feed them during day time,will it be gunah on my part.since I have lots of left over food which I don't want to throw .. More

  • Eating after athaan of Fajr invalidates fast of that day Date: 3-7-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. If I fast a voluntary fast but ate after the Fajr - for example, I knew that the azan had been made but I still had tea till 6 minutes after it and I knew that - is my fast valid? Or should I break it because it might be invalid? .. More

  • Drinking wine during daytime in Ramadan Date: 15-5-2017

    Five years ago, my husband drank wine during the daytime of Ramadan and did not make up for that day. What should he do? How should he expiate for his sin? He did so only on one day after which he completed his fasts. However, he does drink wine outside the month of Ramadan. Please supplicate Allah to guide him and make him give up this sin. .. More

  • Muezzin pronounced Azan before sunset so some people broke their fast Date: 15-5-2017

    The muezzin of the area in which I live pronounced the azan six minutes before sunset by mistake. A number of Muslims who were in their houses and did not see that the sun had not yet set broke their fast. One of the fasting persons hastened and informed the muezzin, so he interrupted the azan. However, those who had broken their fast continued eating.. More

  • Forgetfully Broke Fast In Ramadan and Did Not Resume It After Remembering Date: 15-5-2017

    Someone forgetfully broke his fast in Ramadan. Even though he remembered he was fasting, he did not continue his fast the rest of the day. He thought that since he had broken his fast, even if forgetfully, then he did not have to resume it for the rest of the day after remembering it. He was ignorant about that. What is the ruling? .. More

  • When someone doubts that he ate the predawn meal after Fajr Date: 9-5-2016

    My wife was required to fast 12 days that she missed from last Ramadan because she was giving birth. She managed to observe all of them. However, she suspects that she twice ate her pre-dawn meals after the time of Fajr had already started. She cannot remember whether it had already started or not. Is her fasting for the two days that she has doubt.. More

  • Is one's fasting invalidated by eating while the azan of the Fajr prayer is being called? Date: 26-5-2015

    One day in Ramadan, I happened to drink water just after the muezzin started the azan of the Fajr prayer by saying, “Allahu Akbar.” I was told by my uncle when I was young that doing this is permissible. Am I required to make up for that day? Am I also required to pay expiation for that same day? .. More

  • Swallowing blood breaks one's fast Date: 16-6-2014

    During the month of Ramadan, while rinsing my mouth in the morning, some blood comes out from my mouth while performing ablution. What should I do then?.. More

  • Ruling on breaking the fast in Ramadan for fear of exposing his Islam Date: 16-9-2009

    Owing to the grace of Allaah The Exalted, a Christian person embraced Islam. This person adheres to the rituals of Islam secretly for fear that his family might know that he has embraced Islam. He even performs the prayers in the house of his friend. The problem now lies in fasting because if he fasts, his family will discover his Islam. What should.. More

  • Drinking water thinking that the sun had set Date: 27-8-2009

    I had to make up for a day of fasting that I missed last Ramadhaan and I actually did that before the advent of the current Ramadhaan. Here is my question: Having performed the Fajr Prayer, I slept and when I woke up, I looked at the clock and thought that the sun had already set. So, I drank a cup of water and then returned to sleep again. When I.. More

  • The ruling on breaking one’s fast believing that the sun has set Date: 10-8-2009

    I was making up for the missed days of fasting after Ramadhaan when I heard a family member saying that the Mu’aththin (caller to prayer) had started announcing the Athaan (call to prayer) of the Maghrib Prayer. Hence, I ate some salad, but they later said that they were not sure as to whether they had really heard the Athaan or not, as we.. More

  • Took medication while Fajr Azan was called in Ramadan Date: 24-11-2002

    Fajr Azan is in progress I remembered my daily permanent medication for HBP-which usually I get soon after Sohoor meal. Doubtfully I swallowed the tablet before Azan was over and continued My fasting-----what would be the rule here? .. More

  • Eating after dawn in Ramadan Date: 29-12-2001

    I have failed to wake before dawn in Ramadhaan and ate after dawn when it was still dark or a little dark. I ate because my parent(s) wanted me to and also being afraid that if I didn't eat anything my stomach will get so painful and hungry. If I didn't eat, I would be eating nothing for lots of hours and I'm 14 years old and my stomach would have hurt.. More

  • Breaking the fast early believing it to be the proper time Date: 28-11-2001

    What if the sunset Adhan on Ramadan had been performed before the real time by about 7 minutes, believing that was the proper time, and all the site residents broke the fast? .. More