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  • Fasting Is Not Invalidated by Licking Lips or Swallowing Saliva

    Assalmoalaikum previously when I was fasting, I would lick my lips because I could not stop my tongue and because I had moisture and sweat, I would also spit my saliva because I thought that there was remnants of food, toothpaste and leftover water from ablution, I licked the remaining saliva on my lips. Does this invalidate my fasts if I did these.. More

  • Wronging Others Does Not Invalidate Fasting

    Is it true that if you do not seek the forgiveness of others Before the month of Ramadan, then all fasting, dua, and prayers won't get accepted or you yourself won't be forgiven both after, during and before Ramadan? What about if there has been incidents many years ago, do you have to contact them to seek their forgiveness? Is it a sin to bring back.. More

  • Controlled Semen from Coming out while He Was Fasting

    If i feel that i am about to ejaculate, then i stop it from releasing or hold it in, and then some semen comes out later with mathy or urine or it comes out it’s own drop, then is ghusl mandatory and does it break the fast? .. More

  • Finds Taste of Tooth Paste after Brushing Teeth While Fasting

    During ramadan before fajr I brush my teeth and then start my fast. But I have noticed that the taste of the tooth paste does not go for a long time and even 2 hours after when I touch my teeth with my tongue there is some taste of the toothpaste after rinsing with water several times. I want to if I swallow my saliva while having this taste would that.. More

  • Lying Does Not Invalidate One’s Fast

    Assalamualaikum.I work in a company.there I have to write some documents which are not true.I can't avoid it.does it invalidate my fast??I try not to write but some things need to write.what should I do???please help me.I am really concern about it.does writting this kind of false dacument invalidate fast??? .. More

  • Unintentional Vomiting Whilst Fasting

    I was fasting in Ramadan. I was using tongue cleaner to clean my tongue. Suddenly little bit of vomit came out.And then I spit it out. I didn't swallow anything.Is my fasting is Valid? .. More

  • Licking wet lips while fasting

    Assalaamu alaykum. You mentioned in an Arabic fatwa - if I am not mistaken - something along the lines that if a person licks his lips and then licks his (wet) lips again, his fast is broken because he took back in his saliva from his lips and swallowed it, which therefore nullifies his fast. Does the same thing apply in the prayer (i.e. if he does.. More

  • Applying cocoa butter to lips during fasting

    What is the ruling on applying cocoa butter to the lips while fasting? Note: it is not lipstick. .. More

  • Whether consuming unlawful money nullifies fasting

    I work in general computer processing. Sometimes I use the company’s computer (for private purposes) although I know well that I am not permitted by the administration to do so. In my view, this is betrayal of trust or theft. No one but Allah knows what I do. I ask Allah to guide me to the right way, and forgive me for what I have done; He is the.. More

  • Fast of one who had wet dream and ejaculated after waking up

    I was fasting and slept after the Fajr prayer. This caused me to have a wet dream, but ejaculation occurred after I fully woke up. So I broke my fast and made up for the day. My question is: does ejaculation after full wakefulness invalidate fasting? .. More

  • Ruling on eating during daytime in Ramadan while sleepwalking

    I have a son who is 13 years old. He sometimes sleepwalks. He usually wakes up after the Fajr prayer time and unconsciously drinks water. What makes me sad is that he does this in Ramadan too. When I ask him in the morning whether he woke up and drank, he replies in the negative and swears that he is not aware of such a thing. I only find out that he.. More

  • Accidentally swallowing water while fasting

    Dear Shaykh, I have a question regarding the difference between ACCIDENTALLY and FORGETFULLY drinkingwhile fasting. One website says that if someone forgets that they are fasting and eats, then it does not break their fast, but if someone knows that they are fasting but accidentally swallows water, then it does break their fast. So if I am in the shower.. More

  • Doubting that one committed act of disbelief does not invalidate fast

    Assalaamu alaykum. 1. Does saying the statement, 'We will shape our destiny with our own hand', constitute Kufr (disbelief)? 2. If while fasting, I have a doubt as to whether something that I have said or done might constitute Kufr, so in order to be on the safe side, I ask Allaah for forgiveness and pronounce the testimony of faith in case that.. More

  • Whether gum secretions nullify fasting

    Assalaamu alaykum. I suffer from secretions from my gums that are neither pus nor blood. I have visited a dentist, but to no avail. Allaah willing, I intend to fast Ramadan. My question is: will my fast be nullified if I ingest this secretion deliberately? It is almost continous and would cause a great deal of hardship to repeatedly clear my mouth in.. More

  • Cervical smear test does not nullify fasting

    Does taking a smear from the uterine cervix (to check for an early cancer) nullify fasting in Ramadan? .. More