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  • Her ex-friend does not want to take her loan back from her

    salam aleikum. i have one question about borowing money. i have borow money from one friend and now i want to pay back the money. not everything in the same time but little every month. the problem is that me and this sister are not longer friends but how ever i have say for her and for her family that i want to pay back the money many times but she.. More

  • It is permissible to ask your debtors to pay you back your money

    Asalamu Alikum, Is it permissible to ask the money that I have loaned to others? I have given money to a lot of people from 4 to 12 years ago and none of them are returning my money. Right now, I am going through financial difficulties, and I am in need of money. These people are spending money left and right but they do not care about my loan. I.. More

  • His dead mother's unpaid bank loan is covered by insurance

    Assalamou Alaykom, My mother had made before her death a bank loan. She died before she could give back the totality of the money to the bank. Legally, the insurance company has to give back the money to the bank in case of death (because it is obliged to pay insurance when taking a loan). Is it legal to God? Otherwise what do I need to do the "takfeer"? .. More

  • Borrowing money from a person who works in an investment company

    AsalamoAlikum Warahmatullah Due to financial crisis i asked my father to arrange a good loan for me to complete my education. My father asked his friend who agreed to lend him without any condition of interest and obligation to payback. In other words, he allowed him to repay original amount only if possibe but if not than no issue. My concern is that.. More

  • Husband held her responsible for her brother's debt

    One husband gave the wife's brother almost 3 lacs rupees, after 1 year he said to his wife, your brother did not return my money so u have to give me all gold that we have given to you as haq-mehr [almost above than 4/5 lacs], and wife returned all gold which her husband and father-in-law had given to her [even golded locket given her at moun deikhai], I.. More

  • Afraid to let his brother borrow with Riba while he has the money he needs

    Assalamu alikum..My brother needs to start a business.But the source for the money on his view is to take a bank loan.I am am having money what he requires.But, He havent asked me the money to help him.More over I am saving my money to buy some property .I havent told him that I will help him as I am not sure that his business will be a success or failure.I.. More

  • Wants to lend his friend a loan and get Halaal profit from it

    I have my investments, from where i get halal profits. Someone close need a loan for a house to purchase. How could i lend money to a friend and get halal profit on my investement. Can i ask for rent of the property. In interest of helping a friend from bank interest and make halal profit, though i am satisfied by the profit that i get from the other.. More

  • Daughter asking her parents to repay their debts to her

    Assalam alaikum, Sir, I would like to ask you about an issue which deals with a womans money. She gave all her savings to her parents because they were in need of money, to build there house instead of taking loan from the bank the daughter offered all her savings to her parents. She didn't want her parents to be burdened with the bank loan and interest... More

  • The debtor's liability for the debt remains until it is paid back to the creditor

    Five years back I (lender) loaned my brother in law (debtor) a large sum of money. Recently, while learning about debts, and the serious consequences of having debt, I decided to request from my brother in law that they start to make intention to pay off their debts to me. Though I did not ask for the money back now, Alhumdalilla, they managed to.. More

  • Settling a debt through a debt settlement company

    Assalamu Alikum Shaikh, I have $70,000 in total credit cards debts. I pay $1,400 in monthly payments which includes interests. I want to stop paying interest but don't have the money. Can I settle this debt through a debt settlement company and pay only a portion of that debt? The creditors will "waive or forgive" the rest of the money and accept a.. More

  • Writing down the loan is desirable

    1) i want to know that when we borrow or lend some amount of money as a personal loan among friend or relatives(not like a buisness deal) , is it necessary/must to write adeal or make witnesses.Because it is considered as not trusting a friend or relative. 2) is it mentioned in some Hadith that those who do not write or make witnesse to their deals,.. More

  • Lending money should not be conditioned by a benefit

    Bismillah, We are a group of Muslim graduates living in Qatar (we named it as old boys association). We have agreed upon that every one should pay 10 Riyals monthly which is used for the benefit of our Islamic college in India and some Islamic activites here in Doha. We are more than 100 old students and living here from a long time. Since we are accumulating.. More

  • An indebted person spending on things he does not need

    Asalamualaikum my friend is in debt of riba but he has made tawba. He was at my house and he spent 114 dollars on something that would help him, but that he did not really need. I helped him buy this thing. I what he did halal? or does he have to save EVERY cent of his money for his debt? Also he bought me something for 40 $ as a gift. I tried to pay.. More

  • Using interest money to pay off loan interests

    I have an educational loan which I pay 4% interest on. I cannot pay the whole amount right now in one shot. I am planning to pay it off in one year Inshaa Allaah. I am gaining interest of 3% on my bank's savings account (the amount of my savings currently cannot repay the educational loan debt). Can I use the interest I gain from savings account.. More

  • Troubled company management

    I run a company for three years and thing is not going well these days I do see any hope to continue due maybe to mismanagement or the economic situation on this island I am doing my best to pay everyone but it seems hopeless. But for some year I did not took my profit but yes my expenses I have my saving if I try to take my profit remain no money.. More