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  • Taking a loan to get married

    What is the judgement of loans for getting married for Muslims?.. More

  • Has difficulty repaying her student loan

    I was a student of the International Islamic University Malaysia from 1997-2003. During my study period I was loan to the University money of about US$ 16000. In the agreement form of clearing before get out from the University, I sign in the promise of paying them back the full amount of money. Now I am working in Cambodia as where my country.. More

  • Disposing of money from a forgotten loan

    My father had taken 5000 dollars from one man at about 5-years ago that man had forgotten to take his money back and had left this place. He doesn't know where he went. What do we do with this money? Can we give this money as charity in his name? Will this be good? What will my father get in the Hereafter? What if after he gives this money.. More

  • Accepting extra money from a loan repayment

    I have lend some money to a person in need. That person wants to give some extra money in return to me when she'll return my money back because I helped her in her time of need. Is it o.k. for me to take that extra money and use it or should I give it as Sadaqah? .. More

  • He borrows money without the intention of repaying his debts

    There is a Muslim brother in town who lives on borrowing money from other Muslims and does not repay them back. He would borrow the money from every Muslim claiming that he down not have food to feed his kids and cannot pay his house rent, but later will use the money to buy fancy stuff. He will cheat every Muslim and convince them that he does.. More

  • Mediator for a loan

    I would like to ask is it lawful to take money as charges if I give a person some amounts or if I help him in taking loans from an Islamic Bank?.. More

  • Has difficulty saying 'no' when asked to lend money

    A non-Muslim acquaintance has asked to borrow money. Initially, I said ok but now that I have thought about it, I have realised that it may not be such a great idea. He is indebted to other people and banks already but assures me he'll repay it. He has borrowed small sums before without repaying, I don't mind that but does it indicate a certain.. More

  • Took matters into his own hands over his contract and bank loan

    I worked in emirate for three years I promoted to senior level at my work and they did not increase my salary as they promise to do so and kept delaying the increase of my salary while the job I am doing I should take the new salary as a lot of my colleagues took high salaries. I took loan from bank and when they kept delaying the increase.. More

  • Loan without profit

    Is QARZ-E-HASANA (loan without profit) is compulsory to return to the owner in any circumstances. 2nd is that can a borrower of QARZ-HASANA return some extra amount in addition to the actual amount only and only with his own will... More

  • Paying debts is given priority over building a house

    Iowe more than £12000 in debt in UK. I am an Asian. They gave me all this money (credit cards, over-drafts) considering me a citizen of UK, but I am an Asian who came here as a student. Due to debts I could not study properly and I was repaying my debts from one year. I am unable to pay it off now; it may take more than 2 years. Even if I want to.. More

  • Resolving his brother's indebtedness to him

    What should a Muslim do if he is in debt when his brother owes him money and not able to pay him back? Can I forgive my brother what he owes me (few thousand dollars), because he is just not able to pay me? He has the intention to do so but every time he gets some money it all goes to his own credit card debts, or to his high standard of living,.. More

  • Adjusting loans according to inflation is forbidden

    The charging of interest is forbidden on loans. Can an adjustment be made to what is owed to take into account inflation, to ensure what is being paid back is the same as what has been borrowed?.. More

  • Her brother wants loan for questionable enterprise

    I live in the West, and recently my brother back home asked me to lend him some money. My mother at first told me that he wanted to enter as a partner in a cafe (Maqha). I pointed out that is something Haram. But she said (no) it is not going to be of that 'bad' type of cafe. I asked 2 of my sisters and they all swore to me that it is going to be a.. More

  • Blessed loans

    I would like to know the Islamic teachings on taking loan for starting a business, in which the total required amount is taken as loan. (Of course the loan will be from either friends, relatives or from Islamic financial institutions). I have heard in some Islamic lecture that, if someone is starting a business or such with the total amount as loan.. More

  • Friend Refuses Loan Repayment

    I borrowed money from a friend and I told him that I'll give it back, but now he doesn't want to take it. He tells me that I can have that money. What should I do? .. More