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  • Taking Mortgage to Buy A House

    Assalamualaikum. Iam an indian citizen living in Netherlands for last 3 years as part proffession and planning to continue here since we have nearby islamic schooling for children and mosque also. My question is about Mortage for housing. There is no Islamic banking in this country but the non islamic mortage intrest is almost very low as less than.. More

  • How Shield of Prophet Was Mortgaged with a Jew

    It was learned that Prophet Sallallahu Alaihivasallam's personal effects were pawned to a Jew during his last days and Sahaba reclaimed it after his demise. Now the question is that whether will a Jew extend economic support to the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihivasallam without a benefit? If there was a benefit what was that? Islam is against all forms of.. More

  • Rights Are Not Waived By The Passing of Time

    If a debt is sent to a debt collection agency but there is. law in that state that debt collectors cannot pursue someone who is in hardship after six years. The debt collectors then cease chasing this debt and close the file. Is this the same as being forgiven? .. More

  • Co-Partner With Husband In Buying Mortgage House

    As-sal?mu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatull?hi wa-barak?tuh Sheikh. My husband got a mortgage with riba. I work, so he added me on the mortgage, otherwise he would not qualify for the mortgage. I didn’t know that time riba is a major sin. Now I asked him to sell the house and got out of the riba. If he sells it now, he will lose lots of money since market is.. More

  • Mortgage to Buy House in America

    What is the fatwa on mortgage to buy house in america .. More

  • Paying mortgage on foreclosed house

    I had a house with two mortgages that was foreclosed due to hardship. When the house was foreclosed, the first lender was paid in full. However, the second lender was never paid anything because the house was foreclosed during the 2009 housing crisis and was sold for less than the amount of the loan. I owe the second lender $50,000. What is my obligation.. More

  • Taking gold as security for a loan

    A Muslim business man wants to help poor muslims by this way: Any Muslim who is in need of money will bring him some gold or jewlery, say it is 50 grams. he takes that gold and gives them the money according to the gold price that day. And later whenever the person comes back with that amount of money the business man will take it and will give him.. More

  • You have no right to take anything from the returns of the object of mortgage that is with you

    A man took a loan from me and mortgaged his building with me. Then, I collected (and took) the building's rentals but he returned the (loaned) sum in full. Are the collected rents considered usurious interests, since the sum, in this way, is considered an interest-yielding debt? .. More

  • The profit of the Rahn (security) is for the mortgager

    aslkm,my aunt has taken 16 lakhs loan from a bank on keeping her house as surity after 2 yrs that loan got up to 21 lakhs and time for pay back was also less so my father helped her by giving 10 lakhs and rest of the amount was adjusted by her,for giving 10 lakhs my father broke the bond from bank before time and which caused some loss of money.. More

  • Reluctant to live in an apartment her husband bought with Riba

    Salamu alaykum wa rahmatu Allah, I am muslima married with a german man convert to islam since 15 years, our dauther Salma is 12 years old. During all these years I had no problems with my husband, but now he wants to buy an appartement from his brother who sells the appartements with credit with riba. I told him I shall not live with him in that appartement... More

  • Selling cars in installments with the condition of being a lien holder

    I work in car business in USA, my question is that is it halal to sell cars with financing(with no interest) and butting a condition(to be a lein holer ) in case of buyers defaulat to make the payments in time, or he stop making his payments I will reposess the car. 2- is it halal to buy repossed cars by banks who sells cars on financing (of cours.. More

  • Creditor conditioning to possess the mortgage upon failure to repay the loan

    As salam alai kum, My question is one person needs money so he had given his property papers and entered an agreement for one year to return the said amount and during that time he will pay rent (fixed amount)for the house to the person who had given the money every month ,for one year. If he fails to clear the same in one year the property is transferd.. More

  • Wants to mortgage a house he gave to his daughter

    I want to give Hibah (gift) for my house to my daughter. My question is that whether I can still charge the property to the bank to obtain the bank's financing after the Hibah has been given to my daughter. .. More

  • Buying a house or apartment through mortgage

    Living in Canada, is it halal to buy a house or apartment through mortgage?Jazakum Allah... More

  • Alternative to Mortgage

    I live in the UK and would like to say some western banks and some Muslim owned banks have started offering Muslims an alternative to mortgage (loan with riba) to buy homes through a scheme called Ijara and Murabaha in the Murabaha contract I choose a house, the bank will buy it and sell to me for higher price, and I pay the higher price by equal installments.. More