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  • Ruling on making a bequest to an heir or to anyone not from the deceased’s relatives with more than one-third

    Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuI know that for making a will is it not possible give someone more than 1/3 and it is not possible write it for the heirs.My heirs are my husband and my son.I was thinking about write a will for them by following quran's write for my husband 1/4and for my son the rest of the estate.I live in a non muslim.. More

  • Withdrawing an Endowment

    Sheikh what is the islamic ruling on the one who takes back waqf he gave .. More

  • You Must Give Your Grandparents their Rightful Shares of their Son’s Estate

    Assalam alaikum,Unfortunately my father passed away recently and now it's only me,my mother and my sister. Our father was the sole breadwinner of the family,after he left the only thing we have now is a land and a house which were both under my father's name. Me and my sister are quite young and have not even completed school yet. When he was there.. More

  • Dedicating Oneself As Waqf

    Assalamu Alikum. I have a question About waqf. Can person make himself a waqf or his children. If so what is ruling on that. .. More

  • A Muslim Revert Inquiring How to Make a Will

    Assalaamu ?Alaykum; Please calculate the inheritance according to the following information - Additional information : Assalamu alaikum, I am a single, reverted Muslimah with no Muslim family members. (1) How do I make a will? Who can be appointed as the executor of my will? (2) Can I leave all I own to be given away as a Sadqah-e-Jariyah? (3).. More

  • Maximum Will Is One-Third

    Salaaam.... What is the maximum someone can give as a will from his wealth to be distributed after his death? .. More

  • Number of witnesses required for will

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Does a will require witnesses? Male or female? How many witnesses are needed? .. More

  • Bequest of Muslim to non-Muslim relatives and charities

    Assalaamu alaykum. Please calculate the inheritance according to the following information: - Does the deceased have male relatives who are entitled to inherit: (A husband) - Additional information: An American Muslim married woman who lives in the USA wants to write a will. It is her wish to leave part of her heritage to her non-Muslims relatives.. More

  • Non-Muslim without heirs leaving entire estate to Muslim friend

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. I had a friend who was a non-Muslim and who passed away. She left behind a will which named me the sole beneficiary to their property and money. They had no living relatives or children. I would like to know if I am permitted to accept it. .. More

  • Division of inheritance if deceased left will

    Assalaamu alaykum. Please calculate the inheritance according to the following information: - Does the deceased have male relatives who are entitled to inherit: (a son) Number 1, (a full brother) Number 1, (a full paternal uncle) Number 1, (a cousin from a full paternal uncle) Number 1, (a cousin from a half paternal uncle) Number 1. - Does the.. More

  • Bequesting entire estate to one heir

    I was born and raised in a Western society. I am married, and we have one son who is living with us with his family. My husband has one boy and one girl from a previous marriage. My husband and I bought a house together many years ago. I am receiving a government pension that I put in a join account on my name, my husband's name, and our son's name... More

  • Silence of heirs regarding will that does not conform to Sharia

    A father had a son and four daughters as inheritors. During his life time, he proposed that the share of his property be distributed as per a particular manner. He specified the portion of property that his son should take and what each daughter should take after he passes away. All the children knew about his desire. He had told them about it. The.. More

  • Wife shared cost of building house

    I bought a piece of land while I was not married, but during the construction of the house, my wife contributed some money towards the building because she also works and earns her own money. Now I want to write a will; where does the house and plot belong? Should I call them my assets or our assets? How should I include them in my will? .. More

  • Making bequest for some heirs apart from others

    My father has made a family settlement deed in which we all brothers take a 25%-share. We are three brothers and our father will keep 25% for himself up to his death. After his death, he wrote that his 25%-share goes to his two sons and not the third son. He ignore his third son. I want to know whether it is permissible for him to do this according.. More

  • Changing purpose of land endowed for building mosque

    Assalaamu alaykum. Our society purchased a piece of land to build a mosque and decided on another location. We are now stuck with the other piece of land and are paying taxes on it since there is no structure on it. We would like to build something on it in order to earn income for the mosque and also gain a tax exemption for the property. We are having.. More