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  • Ruling on spending donations on something other than what they were collected for

    I collected donations in my college for a project related to planting trees, but my family situation is very poor I'm an orphan and my mother earns very little so can i use that donation amount for my studies and basic house needs? .. More

  • Ruling on giving a gift to a non-Muslim

    Is it kufur to give a gift card to a non Muslim which you think might use it for Haram purposes or mabey even kufur. Such as they buy a painting canvas to paint their god but you didn't know what they are gonna do .. More

  • Gifted a Non-Muslim Friend Their Idol

    I have gifted my non muslim friend their idol. Have I committed a shirk? I know I have. Years after I realized my mistake and begged allah for repentance. I have also asked my friend to return it.. Will Allah forgive me? I am very depressed since months regarding this. Please help. .. More

  • The Ruling on Money Given by the Proposer to the In-Laws of the Woman he Wants to Marry

    What is the ruling on money/other material value e.g. clothes, given by the proposor (man) to parents and close-relatives of the woman he wants to marry?Can her parents and close-relatives demand for such things? Is this a right they must be given? Can they make it a condition on the marriage? Or is it haraam to give or take such things? Please answer.. More

  • Issue of Husband Gifting the House to His Wife in a Fearful Illness or when He Is Still Residing in It

    I have few questions about the property of my father. My father has 3 sons from his 1st marriage and after his first wife died, he married second time and I'm the only son from his second wife. My half-brothers treat me and my mother in a very rude manner and are in very bad terms with us. Recently from my fathers property, he gave one flat each to.. More

  • Accepting a Gift No Matter How Little It Is

    assalamu aleykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu dear Ulama, What is the opinion on my two following questions: 1. If somebody who does not like you, gives anykind of present, is it permissible to accept it anyway (as recommended in Islam), but then to offer it as a sadaqa on their name to somebody else? 2. Applies that also in the case you have a feeling.. More

  • Taking Government Subsidy To Start A Business

    Asak wrwb.i wanted to start a business but i have little money. Govt. Gives subsidy for staring new it permissible to take subsidy from govt. With govt.subsidy and little of my money i can start it allows in islam.please clarify me.jazakallah khair. .. More

  • Grandfather Gifted Land to Son-in-law Whilst Alive

    Asalamoalaikum wr wbr My maternal grandfather passed away 23 years ago. While he was alive he gave a piece of land as a gift to his only son in law (my father). All of his heirs were aware of this and did not say anything. But the legal paper work was not done. He passed away within that same year.My father gave the papers to my eldest uncle as my father.. More

  • Father Wants to Take Back a Property He Had Gifted

    As Salaam Alai Kum, All praise to Allah. My sister (May Allah grant her Jannah), pressurised my father and took a lot of his property. By Allah’s will she died and now my father and mother feel they have not much left for their own day to day and medical expenses. My late sister yet is survived by 2 sons and her husband. Can my father ask back atleast.. More

  • It Is Permissible to Gift the Nephew

    Dear Sir, My two uncles have no child and they want to give me their agriculture land (only two acres) , so is it possible to gift land from Uncle to his nephew when his wife is also alive. .. More

  • Donating a Mus'haf or a Prayer Mat as an Endowment to the Mosque

    Salam aleikum If one gives prayer mat or quran to a mosque or to Another muslim . Does that Count as sadaqa jariyah that every time somebody pray or recite quran Will i get ajer bcz i gave them quran / prayer mat .. More

  • Dividing wealth among children during parents' lifetime

    I have three sons and four daughters. My wife asks me to distribute my wealth among the children during my lifetime. My question is whether this is permissible or not. Secondly, I live in Qatar, and my elder son, who is married, lost his job. So I paid his house rent for three years, amounting to QR.190,000/-, and I also gave him enough money to start.. More

  • Parent asking to take back what he gifted to his child

    Assalaamu alaykum. My father gifted me some property five years ago and transferred it to my name. Last year, when I was getting married, he asked me to return the property. I did not want to return it, so after I got married, I sold it without asking my father. When I told him about that, he got angry and asked for the money which I got from selling.. More

  • Asking for gift back after many years

    A sister, in her full consciousness and with her own willingness, gave up her share of inheritance in favor of her brother. In the years following that, the brother asked his sister multiple times whether she wanted her share back, but she always insisted that she did not want it. The question is whether the share of inheritance that the sister had.. More

  • Accepting food and water distributed for free

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu, Shaykh. If free food, drink, or Iftaar (meal to break the fast with), are being distributed and I have the money to buy those things myself, is it wrong to take the free things if they are not specifically for poor people? And what about Iftaar? If someone is distributing Iftaar and I am not fasting,.. More