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  • Buying tickets to win prizes in a draw or Bingo/Housie resembles gambling

    Question 1: In our community we celebrate yearly Get-Together event, to host this event we have sponsors for prizes or collect donation amount from selected members and also sell entry tickets (each has unique numbers) to all the attendees (a person can buy any number of tickets).At the end of event there is a lucky draw and few members/attendees get.. More

  • Competition in which only losers pay is gambling

    Assalaamu Alaikum. A group of students started a book reading program, which every student have to read 10 pages daily, if they did not read 10 pages, they have to pay 2 Riyals, and at the end of each month, they collect all the money and go to a restaurant for a get together, and pay the bill with that money, is this transaction forbidden in Islam.. More

  • Permissible types of betting

    Dear bros, Assalamu alaikum. Can we do betting in islam? To elaborate more on this.. One of our organisations from south india named TNTJ , its leader openely challenged that anyone who kills him by sihr , blackmagic in any period of time will be awarded a cash prize of Indian rupees 50 lakhs and failing to kill him, the sorcerer has to accept islam.. More

  • Any game that involves gambling is prohibited

    This is a follow up question 2501661: Can the prizes won through above means in soccer competitions be similar to those that are won through gambling and betting. As sports involve hard work and performance and are not 'a game of chance', but on the other hand gambling is!...Arethe prizes won through both means similar?...Please clarify this too, as.. More

  • A satanic trick under the cover of exchanging presents

    A game of exchanging presents called “Exchange gifts to foster love for each other” has spread among us. We play it in the following way: We write our names on slips of paper, mix the papers and each of us draws one out. Then, each brings a present to the person whose name was on the paper she drew out. To avoid embarrassment, sometimes we determine.. More

  • Participating in a competition called 'Send the newspaper slogan'

    A newspaper launched a competition whereby the slogan of the newspaper is to be cut and sent at the end of every week (seven coupons) without answering any questions, only sending the slogan of the newspaper. This would last for nine months. There will be a drawing of lots every week and the winner will win 100 Dinars. What is the Sharee‘ah ruling.. More

  • Binary options contracts are prohibited in Islam

    My question is about binary options, where one predicts if the currency pair, commodity, indecies, etc will go up or down and you invest a certain amount of money on your prediction, if it is correct when the time of the option expires, you get a fixed return, if not then you don't getting anything at all or with some brokers you can cancel the trade.. More

  • Accepting a gift from someone who won the lottery

    Asalaam Alaikum. I am married to a christian. She received some money from a lottery that her parents won. We live together and split the bills ( rent, electricity, and cable). I do believe lottery is haram in Islam. Am I affected if she uses the lottery money to pay her part of the bills. Is it allowed to receive gifts that she's bought with the lottery.. More

  • He won a car in a draw from a Christian charity trust

    Assalamualaikum, I have won a car in a lucky draw from one of the Christian charity trust in Bahrain. The ticket was given by one of colleague working in my office. The ticket price is BD.1/- and it was also admission ticket for one of the social program and to promote the sale tickets they have include car as lucky prize. Even though I didn’t.. More

  • Getting money from a competition for entering a country

    Someone participated in a competition that was conducted by a country for obtaining a visa, but his name did not appear on the list of those who won. After a while, the organizers of the competition sent an amount of money, contributed by a group of banks, to be transferred to his account. Is it permissible for him to take the money and utilize it?.. More

  • Said to his cousin 'If you beat me I will give you 5 dollars'

    salam alaykum i have a question regarding gambling. me and my cousin enjoy playing video games and one time he said that if i beat him- he would give me 5 dollars. i ended up beating him and he gave it to me willinglly. is this haram?? i am asking because he had no sadness in givin it to me and it is a low amount. we are just trying to have more fun.. More

  • Participating in sms competitions

    what is the hukum of sms quizes in islamic perspective?.. More

  • Winning money prizes without participating with any money

    Assalamu alaikum Is it permissible to apply for a money prize competition that comes to the post? I often get post claiming that i am a winner of a certain amount of money, is this a form of lottery and haram money? Jazakallah.. More

  • Distressed about lottery winnings

    assalamu alaikkum warahmathullah,i am 19 yrs old female....and i live with my parents. we are a moderate middle class family and allah subhanathallah has kept us happily.we are a family that depends upon daily income and with what allah gives us.and have a few debts alsoand we don't believe in luck ...recently i received an email that said i had.. More

  • Recovered lost money from gambling

    I lost some money while betting, wanted to stop it forever but then decided to first recover all the money I lost and then quit it forever. Luckily I recovered the money I lost. Now I have decided never to indulge myself into this menace again. My question is: Is the money I recovered back (which originally belonged to me and I lost through.. More