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  • Working for his father who sells lottery tickets

    I am working with my father in his gas station. He wants to bring in lottery and scratch off tickets. I want to know if I can work with him or look for another job. He says he will not be angry if I leave, but I know he will! Please advise me. .. More

  • Gambling addiction

    Would you please tell me about gambling and a friend of me is addicted with it I told him to stop but, he couldn't. He works and he loses the very first day all his money. Above all he have psychological problem with it, I think. Can you help please?.. More

  • Competing in TV show competitions

    Is it legal to participate into the TV shows of competitions (cultural competitions) and if I win, is it legal to take that money? .. More

  • Using money donated from the lottery fund which is backed by gambling

    Is it ok (by Shariah) to apply for funding from A fund set up by lottery Money (gambling) to run a community business centre helping Muslims back to work through training programs. The activities run are not of religious character (mainly careers guidance, job search, it trying, etc... It is worth mentioning that this business centre is a part of.. More

  • Selling raffle tickets for diabetes charity

    I have received raffle tickets from a diabetes charity. Basically I sell the tickets and the money is raised to help advise and cure the diabetes. The money raised from the raffle tickets will part pay for the prizes and part for the research. Please could you advise me and why it is Haraam or Halaal? I would be grateful if you could respond.. More

  • Lottery winner

    One of my relative has got a huge lottery prize in an international lottery contest. He actually didn't buy the ticket but his friend bought the ticket in his name. Now my relative wants to know whether it is Halaal for him to get the huge money he had got. Can he use it for his personal purposes? Is it Halaal for him? Please explain. .. More

  • Raises funds and gives chances for raffle drawing

    I am a Muslim convert from Christianity. I joined a charitable non-religious organization that needs funding for the needy especially for sick children, street children and homeless people. Now we have a project in which whoever makes donations, gifts or offerings will have a chance to win a prize in a raffle draw. Tickets are given free as long.. More

  • Prize-bond system in Pakistan

    The Pakistani Government issues prize bonds of Rs.10, Rs.100, Rs.500 and Rs.750/ denomination each. It is up to an individual whether he purchases these bonds of Rs.10, 000/- or Rs.100, 000/-. It is like a currencybill which can be cashed at any bank. The Government promises to return the money at the demand and it is written on the bill. Every.. More

  • Selling bingo and lottery tickets

    Is it permissibleto sell bingo and lottery tickets in a store? .. More

  • Having to buy a ticket to enter a competition

    Iam about to enter a competition butI need to pay for a ticket firstbefore entering thecompetition.Then if my answer is correct my name will be placed in a drawing. Do you think this is right? .. More

  • Gambled and won money

    I gambled with 9000 then I won 12000. Now I feel this is haram. What should I do?.. More

  • Mashriq Millionaire

    What is the Islamic rule about the "Mashriq Millionaire Certificate" which is now a days a big subject among the people?(As I spoke to friend that it is lumpsum interest, he was justifying it as the profit of the business done by the bank, and was saying even the Islamic banks are doing things similar to that.) .. More

  • Using lottery funds

    We live in Britain, where there is a national lottery: This is where many people, across the country buy lottery tickets throughout the week and at the end of the week a large cash prize is given to the person with the right ticket number. 25 percent of the profits made from the lottery have to go to 'good causes' this can go towards schools, building.. More

  • Playing Lottery in Islam

    Is playing lottery forbidden in Islam? .. More

  • Ruling on Telephone Quiz Show

    Is the television program show I will describe related to gambling? On our TV there is a quiz show; to enter the show we must telephone the show sponsor and we are charged a certain of money to answer the question provided by the sponsor. Only the one with the correct answer will to enter the show. But on the T.V show the participant also must challenge.. More