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  • Found Five Dollars and Spent It on His Friends

    Salam, I found five dollars on the floor at my school. Me and my friends passed it and I noticed and asked them if it was theirs they said no. I did not know who the owner is due to there being hundreds of kids so I spent the $5 to buy each of my friend candies except myself, is this haram thank you? .. More

  • Disposing of a Found Item

    As'salamu'alaikumMy brother works for a minicab company in the UK and a passenger left his expensive phone in my brothers car so lost it. Now, the company has a system of which the passenger contacts the driver somehow within 24 hours if he's lost something. The passenger has not contacted my brother for 2 weeks and I doubt he will do anytime soon... More

  • Found Gold When Taking Furniture Away from an Apartment

    As a work, I free the apartments from their furniture. In exchange for my work, I become the owner of the furniture taken away. I was called by an friend of mine who is a caretaker of a building, in order to empty an apartment that a lady left to move elsewhere. While I was taking apart a closet with a colleague of mine, we found a package containing.. More

  • Found a Borrowed Book and Pen

    Assalamu'alaykum. I have questions regarding borrowing items. I found book that I am certain is not mine in my shelf at home. I thought I borrowed it from my middle high school. But when I tried to return it, one of the school guardian (he knows many things about the school) said it was not theirs (but I am not sure if he is telling the truth, he might've.. More

  • Taking lost and found items that are regularly disposed of

    Assalaamu alaykum. I work in a gym in Canada, and we have a lost and found. Items could be sunglasses, wallets... At the end of every month, every item that is not claimed by its owner is thrown away with the garbage. My questions is: can I take any item from the lost and found before we get rid of the items? I know that in Islam you wait for a year.. More

  • Disposing of lost and found item without searching for owner

    My wife and I found a small piece of jewelry in a drawer that used to belong to my aunt. Unfortunately, I did not ask her right away if she lost anything because she is overseas. Then my wife showed it to a cousin of mine (without my knowledge) because my wife thought that it was not real gold so my cousin suggested that she would have her husband check.. More

  • What to do with found camels?

    Is it permissible to possess camels which are found in the desert and benefit from them – especially the male camels which cause many troubles for us? It should be known that we do not know their owners because there is no sign on them indicating the owning tribe or clan. .. More

  • Receiving cellphone credit by mistake from unidentified source

    Assalaam u alaikum warehmatullahi wabarakaatuhu.. I have a query ..actually I want to know what should a person do if any unknown person refilled his mobile say by any amount by his mistake in typing the mobile no. What should a person do in that case if the persons identity is not revealed? .. More

  • A hen whose owner is unknown wandered into his backyard

    Assalamualaikum. pls there is this domestic animal(hen) that strayed into my backyard and since then she has refuse to go. She has made my backyard her home. she even layed eggs and hatched the eggs into little chicks. I contacted my neighbors to ask if there is anybody looking for a lost domestic animal so as to return it but no response. my question.. More

  • Should found property be kept or spent in charity?

    I found some money in a certain place. I announced to the people there that I had a fallen trust in order to tell its owner if he showed up. I kept it for more than a month but no one asked about it. What should I do? Should I put the whole sum in the Masjid or keep a part for myself, as some people advised me? If this is true, what is the percentage.. More

  • He regrets taking usable items that others discard

    Dear Brs. In Islam, Assalamu Alaikum. I have as few Islamic related questions to ask. I appreciate if you may provide me the email of some scholars in Islam that I could ask my inquires. Thank you I have had strange experiences in several occasions that I feel I need to seek for possible answer. Once I notice a guy putting a good looking car Jack outside.. More

  • He found some abandoned stationary items in a room

    Assalaamualaykum wa rahmatuLLAAHI wa barakaatuH. I have found some abandoned stationary items in a room. The owner, non-muslim, left them and may not take them. I doubt if i could use them. It would have been purchased with the money of Usuary (riba). What is the ruling on using such items? .. More

  • A Luqatah should not be disposed of before the elapse of a complete year

    before 2 years i found a valuable digital electric a building i saw the owner the owner forgot it.when i found the item i try find owner to give him but i unable. then i checked the item for any name, address but nothing no way to contact him .only photos of him he is foreigner i dint no Muslim or not .my friend tell me to sell it and give money.. More

  • He is a cashier and sometimes customers leave the bill and its balance cash to him

    assalamu alikum,i have been working a pharmacy as a cashier for the last 5 month.I always make bill for the medicine,and give to customer.But some time customer will not take the bill and also its balance cash(not more than 3 dirham or 5 dirham).what i will do that cash?can i take it ?or can i give that mony poor people?i need any permision from my.. More

  • Found an umbrella in his shop

    Assalamualaykum, dear scholar, once someone forgot his umbrella in my shop and quite a long time have passed and no one claimed it. Do I have the right to use it (the umbrella)? Jazaakallah khayr .. More