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  • Certainty Is Not Overruled by Doubt Date: 28-4-2021

    Please, give an understandable explanation of the fiqh principle, "Certainty is not removed by doubt". In which cases is this mentioned fiqh principle applicable? .. More

  • Even 90% doubt does not overrule certainty Date: 1-11-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. You quoted another fatwa that said: Besides, An-Nawawi said in Al-Majmoo‘, “Our scholars (i.e. in the Shaafi'i school of jurisprudence) stated that it makes no difference in doubt that the two probabilities are equal for the person or that he predominantly thinks that one outweighs the other.” With regards to the rule that.. More

  • Definition of ‘Maqaasid Ash-Sharee’ah’ and ‘Thawaabit Ash-Sharee’ah’ Date: 29-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum, dear Scholars. Can you please provide a proper definition for the following terms: Maqaasid Ash-Sharee’ah and Thawaabit Ash-Sharee’ah.Your assistance in the matter will behighly appreciated. May Allaah reward you. .. More

  • Origin of five fundamental necessities Date: 13-7-2016

    How were Ad-Darooriyyaat Al-Khamsderived? Does it have any basis in the Quran and Hadith, or is it just a scholarly opinion? .. More

  • To what extent principles of schools of jurisprudence conform with the Sunnah Date: 21-6-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. There is a scholar in the UK, and he said that most hadiths that we agree to are from the Shafi'i Usool (foundations) and that if we were to use the Hanafi Usool, we would reject a lot more hadiths, especially ones that do not make sense and others. What do we say to this? .. More

  • One chooses the lesser of two evils only if both evils cannot be prevented Date: 5-1-2016

    What is Islam's view on the concept of the lesser of two evils? Is it ever allowed to do one evil if that means not doing a greater one? Or should a muslim completely abstain from both evils, even in a situation that requires you to choose something? .. More

  • Favoring the statement over the act in Hadeeth is not absolute Date: 11-11-2015

    Assalaam alaikum wa rahamatullaah brothers. I heard that the hadith Qawli is more correct, or more powerful, than the hadith Amali. Maalik, may Allaah mercy upon him preferred the second option (the action of the people of Madinah) when both meet. Because our beloved prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam,spent his precious last days with the.. More

  • Ijmaa’ is a principle of the Hanbali Mathhab Date: 20-4-2015

    Ya shaykh , I heard that Madhab of Imam Ahmad has following Usools Alnusoos (Quran and Sunnah) , AlIjma , Fatawa of Sahaba , Hadith Daeef and Mursal and Qiyas ..... but some other people told me that There is no Ijma in usool alhanbali ...please clarify the matter .. More

  • Citing Companions as evidence Date: 15-12-2013

    Assalamu Alaykum, Thanks very much for your reply for my question 2425251. You wrote: "That is the case if reason and Ijtihaad can be applied in the opinion of the companion; otherwise, it is regarded as Marfoo‘ (traceable) to the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, unless it is known that that companion used to take from the books of the People.. More

  • Books that give in-depth knowledge of Usool Al-Fiqh Date: 25-11-2012

    Respected Sheikh, I am Ovais from Pakistan and a student. I want you to help me out of some queries regarding Usul-e-Fiqh (Principles of Jurisprudence). I believe that you can, given that your vast knowledge gives you an edge, guide a person i.e. me who want to have a in-depth knowledge on Usul-e-Fiqh but is reluctant to read MANY BOOKS on this.. More

  • The meaning of istihsaan Date: 26-2-2012

    what mean istihsaan? with practical examples in sales if possible?.. More

  • Consensus is a source of legislation Date: 7-2-2012

    Is there evidence from the Quran or Sunnah indicating that (Scholarly) consensus is a principal source of legislation? .. More

  • Commands in Sharee’ah between obligation and likeability Date: 4-12-2011

    In the name of allah Asalam alikum- I like to know the criterial or ruling regarding fard deeds because some people quote some statements from and say it is fard how to know it. i.e. they say zikr dawam is mentioned in quran so it is fard.likewise isolation from people is mentioned in quran so it is fard likewise an act/deed which is fard near.. More

  • Different levels of utilizing the available means Date: 17-7-2011

    What is the ruling on utilizing the available means?.. More

  • The change of rules should not be denied due to time change Date: 9-1-2011

    what is the textual basis for the following maxim: the change of rules should not be denied due to time change. i tried to research but could not find any so if you could please help me... More