133 fatwas

  • Qabr (Grave) Is an Arabic Word Date: 11-12-2003

    I need to know about Arabic word Qabr (grave). 1) Can we use this word for another meanings? If yes, then what are those meanings? 2) Is it Arabic word basically? Or taken from another old language and added to Arabic? 3) If it is taken from another old language than what is name of that language? .. More

  • Meaning of Masjid Date: 10-12-2003

    What is the technical meaning of mosque/Masjid?.. More

  • Islamic Belief and Anthropology Date: 10-12-2003

    Can you please tell me what the Islamic belief system is with respect to who they believe they are in the grand scheme of the world? What are the nature, tasks and purpose of human beings? I guess I would like to know about the Islamic views on anthropology. .. More

  • Reading Books about Sexuality Date: 1-11-2003

    I just wanted to ask if it is not Haram to read books that describe sexual manoeuvres for the married persons without any pictures? .. More

  • Meaning of intention Date: 8-10-2003

    What does intention mean?.. More

  • Definition of the Arabic Term ‘Ibaadah (Worship) Date: 20-9-2003

    Can you give me the exact definition of the Arabic term "Ibaadah"? .. More

  • Muslims should learn Arabic Date: 17-9-2003

    Can you please tell me any Ahadith or proof that says that all Muslims must learn Arabic?.. More

  • Problem Studying about Evolution Date: 17-9-2003

    I am a student in the last year of my secondary education. The problem I'm faced with is in my Biology class where we study Evolution and I feel like it can't be true. I have even begun to hate studying. Please help me. .. More

  • Need to understand Arabic language to understand the Qur'an Date: 9-9-2003

    I am a born Muslim. But due to our secular education system, the government does not emphasize a seeking knowledge of Islam. Subjects such as learning Arabic is not emphasised. As a result we grow up as mediocre Muslims who are not well-versed in the language of al-Qur'an. What a pity. What is the ruling on a Muslim who prays but does not understand.. More

  • Reading Romantic Stories Date: 13-7-2003

    Is it permissible to read stories that have a romantic/sex aspect in it, meaning that there are descriptions of intimate feelings and touches? .. More

  • Being Islamic/being Muslim Date: 1-7-2003

    I would like to know what is difference between being Islamic and being Muslim? Some people say some people are Islamic but not Muslim and some are Muslim but not Islamic... More

  • Is the earth round? Date: 22-12-2002

    Is it true that the muslim scholar Ibn Hazm el-Andalusi has said that if a person says that earth is not spheric-round he is a kafirbecause this is stated in the Qur'an very clear.In wich book is written?.. More

  • Individual Obligation Date: 4-11-2002

    I have been deeply perplexed by the issue of the obligation for every adult Muslim to learn the Fard Ain. I have found it almost impossible to find a source of information on what the Fard Ain consists of. I understand that it is a set of obligations upon every Muslim but my question is, where do you find out what it is? I have looked at some books.. More

  • History of the Arabic language Date: 21-9-2002

    I would like to ask about the history of the Arabic Language. When it came into existence and when it became a written language. Did it start in El Sham or another part of the world?.. More

  • Learning Arabic in Spain Date: 9-9-2002

    I want to know how I can learn Arabic in Spain (canary islands). Have you got any solution for this? Are there any program on Internet I can download or can buy by post? I am very interested. .. More