934 fatwas

  • Keeping peacocks at home Date: 10-8-2017

    Is it ok to keep peacocks in home? .. More

  • Hanafi ruling on eating snakes Date: 1-8-2017

    What is the ruling of Islam according to Imam Abu Hanifah regarding eating snakes? .. More

  • Taking pictures of men - Dressing in underwear only to wax body hair Date: 27-7-2017

    Is it allowed to take pictures of anything including men and not capturing pictures of women? Am I allowed to wear underwear only in order to wax before marriage? .. More

  • Prohibition to kill bees, ants, shrikes, and hoopoes Date: 27-7-2017

    Why are we not allowed to kill bees, ants, shrikes, and hoopoes? I do not understand why these creatures are so special and valued over other creatures. Please respond quickly. .. More

  • Taking vitamin D injection for skin tan Date: 19-7-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. There is an injection that makes a person more tanned if exposed to sunlight (in a halal place, of course, where nobody can se me but Allaah.) The doctor told me to be in the sun because my body is in much need of vitamin D. I wear the niqab by the way. This injection is very common for people who have a deficiency of vitamin D and.. More

  • Warning house snakes before killing them Date: 2-7-2017

    Dear scholars, in regards to the hadith about not killing house snakes; how can that be? What if the snake is poisonous and will harm people? How can we get rid of it then? We cannot wait to ask it three times before getting rid of it; there are very poisonous snakes. Thank you. .. More

  • Eating fruits of trees growing from grave Date: 30-6-2017

    Assalaamu alaykom. What is the Islamic ruling of eating the fruits of a tree planted intentionally in, or growing accidentally from, the middle of a grave? .. More

  • Euthanizing disabled cat Date: 21-6-2017

    Is it allowed to kill a disabled cat who is not able survive by itself; it is difficult to keep it at home as it needs to be taken care of like a baby its whole life. .. More

  • Chia seeds lawful to eat Date: 21-6-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I was wondering if its allowed to eat some seeds called chia seeds during Ramadan. They contain lots of energy and vitamins and make one feel less hungry. Is it haram to eat these if they make one feel less hungry when fasting? .. More

  • Drinking animal blood for dire necessity Date: 6-6-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Please, do not refer me to other fatwas. May Allaah bless you. What does Islam say about drinking the blood of an animal like a hen or a goat and so on? And what about soldiers who perform their duty in cold areas where they usually do not have much means to survive in that freezing cold, so they drink the blood of an animal, which.. More

  • Man using cosmetics to hide acne Date: 1-5-2017

    Is it permissible for a man to wear make-up in order to hide acne? .. More

  • Wearing human hair wig and wiping over it during Wudhoo‘ Date: 1-5-2017

    I have been wearing wigs of natural, not artificial, hair for five years because my original hair entirely fell out. These wigs have temporary adhesives and they can be changed from time to time. People used to see me in this way and know that it is not my original hair. What is the Sharee'ah ruling on wearing such hair, wipe over it in wudhoo’ (ablution),.. More

  • Woman going out with clothes washed with fragrant washing powder Date: 1-5-2017

    As you know, fragrance-free washing powder is rarely found on the market today. My question is: What is the Islamic ruling if a woman goes out of her home while wearing clothes washed with fragrant washing powder, noting that those who pass beside her will smell the good smell of the clothes. Is such washing powder considered tempting to men; is a woman.. More

  • Man wearing colored underwear Date: 1-5-2017

    I have two questions: First: Is it permissible to wear colored underwear, I mean dark or simply not white? Second: My problem is that I wear my underwear today, for example, and then a day or two later I find a light yellowish spot in the front and a light brownish spot in the back of my underwear. I do my best to clean myself after relieving.. More

  • Man wearing gold-plated metal Date: 1-5-2017

    What is the Sharee'ah ruling on wearing a watch that is mostly made of metal but is gold-plated? It should be taken into consideration that the gold color could be removed by using water or by long-term use. .. More