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  • Authenticity of Ash-Shamaa'il Al-Muhammadiyyah Date: 15-3-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. Is Ash-Shamaa'il Al-Muhammadiyyah completely authentic? .. More

  • Authenticity of ahaadeeth verified by Ahmad Al-Booseeri Date: 5-3-2016

    Who is Muhaqiq Ahmad Busiri, the author of Misbah Az-Zujajah fee Zawahid Ibn Majah, and what is the status of his authentications? Are they accepted independently or is he in need of support? .. More

  • What the scholars said about these three Hadeeth narrators Date: 15-10-2015

    Assalam Walaykm. I want to know Al Jarh Wa at-Ta'dil about the following narrators:1- Abu Bakr Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Al-Haarith Al-Faqeeh. 2- Abu Muhammad ibn Hayyaan Abu Ash-Shaykh.3-Abu Al-Hareesh Al-Kilaabi. .. More

  • About the controversial narrator in Hadeeth forbidding killing frogs Date: 12-10-2015

    Hadith narrator Sa'id bin Khalid bin Abdullah bin Al-Qarid Al-Kinani Al-Madini was graded weak by An-Nasa'i but Thiqah by Ibn Hibban, Ad-Daraqutni and others. Please clarify his weakness as many of the scholars of Hadith have authenticated his narration from Sa'id bin Al-Musayyib concerning the killing of frogs for medicinal purposes. .. More

  • Ibn Al-Jaarood's Muntaqa is regarded among the Saheeh Hadeeth literature Date: 31-8-2015

    Who was Hafiz Abu Muhammad Abdullah bin Ali Ibn Al-Jarud An-Nisaburi? What was the objective and authenticity of Ahadith in his book Al-Muntaqa Fil-Ahkam? Does a scholar mentioning that he recorded a Hadith indicate that he authenticated it like Ibn Khuzaymah, Al-Hakim or Ibn Hibban? .. More

  • Why scholars include weak Ahaadeeth in their works Date: 10-4-2015

    Shaykh, mu question is regarding the book ''Kitab Al-Sunnah'' of Imam Abdullah Ibn Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, rahimahullah.Are all hadiths and sayings in this book sahih, or this book it contains alsso weak and fabricated hadiths and sayyings?We have read from a sufi Nuhi Ha Mim Keller who pretends that he had controlled this book with Shaykh Shuayb Arnaoot.. More

  • Hanafis and Shaafi‘is disagreed on some Hadeeth science issues Date: 19-2-2015

    Ya Shaikh it is well known that in Fundamentals of Fiqhi schools Usol AlFiqh Hanafi , Shafee and others , there exists alot of differences in AHKAM Formulation ... But i heard that Mustalahat AlHadeeth of Hanafi and Shafi are also different to each other . Is it true .. More

  • The degree of authenticity of Maalik's Muwatta' Date: 24-1-2015

    Aslamu alykum what is the rank of "Muwatta' of Imam Malik" on the basis of authenticity? Does Malik's Muwatta contain a mixture of weak and strong Hadeeth or is it like Saheeh Al-Bukhaari which contains authentic Ahadeeth only? Jazakum Allah khairan. .. More

  • The status of the Musannaf of Ibn Abi Shaybah Date: 17-1-2015

    Assalaamu alaikum, shaikh what is musannaf ibn abi shayba? I want to explain about this book to my people especially when telling them that Taweez (amulets) that contain Quranic verses are also haram. Jazaak ALLAHU Khair. .. More

  • Authenticity of ‘Amal Al-Yawm wal-Laylah by Imaam An-Nasaa’i Date: 10-1-2015

    I bought book of Imam Nesai "'amelu leyli ua nahar" and wanted to memorize many du'as.But according to book some of hadises sahih, hasen, daif, garib and some of them are included in 2,3,4 Imams book of Kutubusitte but there is no information sahih or not. They used Suyuti, Ibn Hacer, Darekutni and other big hadis alims as a reference. What criteria.. More

  • The ruling on Hadeeth related by Khawaarij Date: 9-12-2014

    Salamu alaykum Shaykh, is it allowed to transmit hadiths from khawarijs? Is it true that Imam Bukhari, rahimahullah transmitted hadiths from khawarij? .. More

  • Mursal As-Sahaabi Hadeeth is classified as authentic Date: 9-12-2014

    Some people of innovations are trying to install some doubt on Muslims by saying the hadith which was reported by Ibn Abbas on the the prophet arriving in Madina and seeing Jews fasting on Ashura.They say Ibn Abbas was only four years old during that time, Abu Musa was not even a Muslim during that time,the same applied to Abu Hurayra and Muawiya.How.. More

  • Shaath is a class of weak Hadeeth Date: 27-10-2014

    Asalam Alaikum. My question is about Shaz Hadith,,is Shaz Hadith acceptable?what is the defination?and kindly give the refrances of difirent muhadissen who gave daleel in favour that it is acceptalr and who are against not accpetable???kindly send me the daleel of both eaither it is consider zaeef ? .. More

  • Authenticity of Ahaadeeth reported in Kanz Al-‘Ummaal Date: 21-8-2014

    Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Truly, Allah loves that woman who loves her husband, is cheerful and guards herself from other men.” [Kanz-ul-Ammaal] Is this hadith authentic? How authentic is the book Kanz-ul-Ammal? .. More

  • A Hadeeth meeting the criteria of Al-Bukhari and/or Muslim Date: 25-4-2014

    Assalaamu alaykum. I want to ask a question regarding hadith In some books - such as al-Haakims 'al-Mustadrak' - the compiler says that the hadeeth meets the criteria of al-Bukhaari or Muslim or them both. What is actually meant by this? As far as I have understood, when it is according to their criteria, it means that the men of the chain are men they.. More