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  • Whether Sufyaan Ath-Thawri and Al-A‘mash were Mudallis reporters Date: 30-6-2017

    Assalaamu alaikum shaykh. I want to know whether Sufyaan Ath-Thawri and Al-A‘mashwere Mudallis according to the Hadith scholars. If yes, then why are narrations which they narrated accepted in Sahih Al-Bukhaari and Muslim but rejected elsewhere while other hadiths like that of the narration of Maalik Ad-Daar of a man coming to the Prophet's grave.. More

  • Many reports in Nu'aym's book Al-Fitan fabricated Date: 28-6-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Are the reports in Al-Fitan by Nu'aim ibn Hammad authentic? .. More

  • Contradicting Jarh and Ta’deel statements about narrator Date: 16-11-2016

    What should be our principle for a narrator if it was found that the Jarh wa Ta’deel(criticizing and praising) of him contradict each other? .. More

  • Correct methodology in classifying Hadeeth Date: 10-11-2016

    One of the Hadith verifiers mentioned their methodology in checking, saying (in summary): “The hadiths of the Sunan are either (a) in Bukhari or Muslim or (b) they are not, and are thus in need of checking. If I declared a hadith to be weak, I provided the weakness, and if I declared it to be good or authentic, then I mentioned another Hadith scholar.. More

  • Authenticity of hadeeth narrated by classical scholars Date: 6-10-2016

    How should we classify a hadith that was authentic in the time of a classical scholar like Imam Abu Haneefa but later became weak? What I mean is: suppose that for a particular hadith, the narrators between Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam,and Imam Abu Haneefa were all trustworthy and had an excellent memory, and so Imam Abu Haneefa.. More

  • Trustworthiness of Mu'ammal ibn Ismaa'eel as hadeeth narrator Date: 26-5-2016

    Is it true that in the hadith of Wail Ibn Hujur about placing the hands on the chest in the prayer, which is found in Saheeh Ibn Khuzaimah, the narrator Mu'ammal ibn Isma'eel was declared to be 'munkar al-hadith' by Imam Al-Bukhaari? Was this narrator reliable? .. More

  • Comprehensive Hadeeth books Date: 6-4-2016

    Which is the most comprehensive Hadith book (ex. Jaami Al-Usool Ibn Athir, Mishkaat Masaabeeh At-Tibrizi, Jaami Al-Masaanid Ibn Kathir, Silsilah Sahihah Al-Albaani, etc.)? .. More

  • Authenticity of Ash-Shamaa'il Al-Muhammadiyyah Date: 15-3-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. Is Ash-Shamaa'il Al-Muhammadiyyah completely authentic? .. More

  • Authenticity of ahaadeeth verified by Ahmad Al-Booseeri Date: 5-3-2016

    Who is Muhaqiq Ahmad Busiri, the author of Misbah Az-Zujajah fee Zawahid Ibn Majah, and what is the status of his authentications? Are they accepted independently or is he in need of support? .. More

  • What the scholars said about these three Hadeeth narrators Date: 15-10-2015

    Assalam Walaykm. I want to know Al Jarh Wa at-Ta'dil about the following narrators:1- Abu Bakr Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Al-Haarith Al-Faqeeh. 2- Abu Muhammad ibn Hayyaan Abu Ash-Shaykh.3-Abu Al-Hareesh Al-Kilaabi. .. More

  • About the controversial narrator in Hadeeth forbidding killing frogs Date: 12-10-2015

    Hadith narrator Sa'id bin Khalid bin Abdullah bin Al-Qarid Al-Kinani Al-Madini was graded weak by An-Nasa'i but Thiqah by Ibn Hibban, Ad-Daraqutni and others. Please clarify his weakness as many of the scholars of Hadith have authenticated his narration from Sa'id bin Al-Musayyib concerning the killing of frogs for medicinal purposes. .. More

  • Ibn Al-Jaarood's Muntaqa is regarded among the Saheeh Hadeeth literature Date: 31-8-2015

    Who was Hafiz Abu Muhammad Abdullah bin Ali Ibn Al-Jarud An-Nisaburi? What was the objective and authenticity of Ahadith in his book Al-Muntaqa Fil-Ahkam? Does a scholar mentioning that he recorded a Hadith indicate that he authenticated it like Ibn Khuzaymah, Al-Hakim or Ibn Hibban? .. More

  • Why scholars include weak Ahaadeeth in their works Date: 10-4-2015

    Shaykh, mu question is regarding the book ''Kitab Al-Sunnah'' of Imam Abdullah Ibn Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, rahimahullah.Are all hadiths and sayings in this book sahih, or this book it contains alsso weak and fabricated hadiths and sayyings?We have read from a sufi Nuhi Ha Mim Keller who pretends that he had controlled this book with Shaykh Shuayb Arnaoot.. More

  • Hanafis and Shaafi‘is disagreed on some Hadeeth science issues Date: 19-2-2015

    Ya Shaikh it is well known that in Fundamentals of Fiqhi schools Usol AlFiqh Hanafi , Shafee and others , there exists alot of differences in AHKAM Formulation ... But i heard that Mustalahat AlHadeeth of Hanafi and Shafi are also different to each other . Is it true .. More

  • The degree of authenticity of Maalik's Muwatta' Date: 24-1-2015

    Aslamu alykum what is the rank of "Muwatta' of Imam Malik" on the basis of authenticity? Does Malik's Muwatta contain a mixture of weak and strong Hadeeth or is it like Saheeh Al-Bukhaari which contains authentic Ahadeeth only? Jazakum Allah khairan. .. More