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  • There is no Hadeeth about the therapeutic properties of onions Date: 15-2-2015

    Assalaam u alaikum I have 2 questions 1) I read on some Islamic page that if an onion juice is provided to a cancer or tumor patient for about 40 days, by stopping his chemotherapy, may cure him/her as Allah has given treatment for every disease and it is a hadees that onion besides having odd smell cures 70 please throw some light on More

  • Hadeeth about the name of the wind of Paradise Date: 15-2-2015

    assalamu alaikum what is the name of "paradise wind" .. More

  • The Hadeeth about the man who gives his only good deed to someone else on the Day of Judgment Date: 10-2-2015

    Assalaamu Alaykum Akhi I would like to ask you if this hadith is hassan, sahih, or da'if. Judgement day there would be a person who is missing 1 hasanat, and when he tries to get that hasana't from close family, unfortunately no one will give him. But there will be a person who will give 1 hasanat because this person has few hasant that wouldn't help.. More

  • An inauthentic story of the deer that talked to the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam Date: 29-1-2015

    assalamu 'alaikum I wanted to know about the authenticity of the story of the deer (who reported it and who authenticated it?) talking to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). It can be seen on this page under the title "The Prophet {S} and the Deer" I also wanted to know whether.. More

  • Fabricated narrations about the celebration of the birth of the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam Date: 27-1-2015

    Assalamu Alaykum wa rahmathullahi wabarakathuhu. My question is regarding the birth celebration of our beloved Prophet (saw). I was told that there are proofs from Hadith to celebrate it. and They quote two hadiths. following are those hadiths; 1. A hadith which is mentioned in one of the Imam' Kitab where it says, Hazrat Abu Darda narrates that "I.. More

  • Hadeeth about the punishment for insulting others for their defects Date: 7-1-2015

    salaam aleikoum ustad, We see a lot of youngsters who have passed puberty, even ourselves, when we were younger that we laughed at someone who walks cripple or has a bad eye or is ugly or because he has little eyes like chinese people. Off course one has to do tauwbah and stop these bad behaviour. There seems to be a hadieth that one who laughs at these.. More

  • The narration that angels curse the man who makes a woman cry is unfounded Date: 7-1-2015

    Assalamu Aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. I have read this hadith or quote on many different websites where people have been sharing it and want to know its authenticity. 'If the eyes of a female cry over a man that oppressed her, than the Angels will curse him with every step he walks' -Ali Bin Abi Talib Has it been mentioned anywhere in Ahadith.. More

  • The story about an interview with Iblees is a fabricated lie Date: 6-1-2015

    Is the story of the interviewing of iblis authentic? He explains all of his friends and enemies his strength and weaknesses and he is wearing a colorful hat and belt. .. More

  • Citing a weak Hadeeth about the Prophet's good moral character Date: 4-1-2015

    Assalamu Alaykum. I am writing a da'wah article in my language which includes a section about the good character of Prophet Muhmmad (peace be upon him) towards his wife. I came accross this statement " I have not seen anybody whohas better moral character than the Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam. I want to use this statement of Safiyyah may Allah.. More

  • Hadeeth: 'If death comes to someone as he is seeking knowledge to revive Islam…' Date: 3-1-2015

    “He whom death overtakes while he is engaged in acquiring knowledge with a view to reviving Islam with the help of it, there will be one degree between him and the Prophets in Paradise .” [Al-Tirmidhi Hadith no. 249. Narrated by Al-Hasan al-Basri] Is the above hadeeth saheeh? Can you please tell me the correct number in Jami' al Tirmidhi? as I am.. More

  • When my Ummah does fifteen things, the afflictions will befall it Date: 25-12-2014

    Aslamu Alaikum, thank you for looking into my inquiry. Can you please authenticate the following hadith for me and tell me if there are any authentic hadiths relating to this hadith: ------------------------ 'Ali bin Abi Talib narrated that the Messenger of Allah(s.a.w) said: "When my Ummah does fifteen things, the afflictions will occur in it." It.. More

  • 'Saying Subhaan Allaah a hundred times is like freeing a slave from the sons of Ismaa‘eel' Date: 24-12-2014

    As-salaamu-alaykum. Is the Hadith in Tirmiziy authentic that states rewards of 100 pilgramages when saying subghanallah 100 times morning and evening. Also algamdulillah is like giving 100 horses for battle, laillaha illallah reward of freeing 100 slaves and allahu Akbar no one will bring anything better on the Day of Resurrection. Shukran .. More

  • Hadeeth: 'When a girl is born for a man, the angels come to that house…' Date: 21-12-2014

    It is mentioned in a hadith that Nabi (sallalaahu alayhi wassallam) said, ” When a female child is born,AllahTa’ala sends His angels to that house. They come to the dwellers of the house and pray that peace may be upon them, The angels then cover the newly born girl in the shadow of their wings and caressing the head of the baby with their hands.. More

  • No evidence that Allaah recites Soorah Ar-Rahmaan to the people of Paradise Date: 20-12-2014

    Asalama 'alaikum Is it true that Allah ( azza wa jal) will recite surah Rahman to the inhabitants of jannah? .. More

  • The authenticity of history books are generally not verified Date: 19-12-2014

    A shia said in response to Abu Talib breastfeeding the Prophet mentioned in Al Kafi. The Hadith goes like this in Tarikh Baghdad V15 page 146: Narrated on the authority of Abul Hassan Muhammed Ibn Assad Ibn Ali al-Katib and al-Hassan Ibn Abu bakr al-mu’adal from Ahmad Ibn Abu ‘awf who said I heard my uncle and my dad both say ” we were in the.. More