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  • The wisdom behind resurrection Date: 5-12-2011

    I am a young man and I have a foreign female workmate whose mother is a Muslim. A while ago, she started practicing Islam and now she is committed to wearing the Hijaab. She asked me once, why Allaah The Almighty resurrects people after. Please advise. Moreover, I want to know the ruling on discussing religious and work affairs with her, knowing.. More

  • Nobody dies before they get what they are meant to get Date: 8-9-2011

    I feel sad and depressed because I have not accomplished much in this life. What should I do?.. More

  • Provisions needed on the Day of Judgment Date: 20-7-2011

    What are the best provisions and good deeds required for the Day of Judgment? .. More

  • Remembrance of death urges one to endeavor in doing good deeds Date: 17-7-2011

    I am a woman who always thinks about death and fears that it might come suddenly and feel that I am negligent in performing acts of worship and obedience to Allaah The Almighty. I also feel much pain when I see those around me committing sins and being heedless of the wrath and punishment of Allaah The Exalted. Please advise me, may Allaah reward.. More

  • What a slave will be reckoned for first Date: 17-7-2011

    Is there a Hadeeth of the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, saying that the first thing a woman will be reckoned for is her husband?.. More

  • Fear of death urges preparation for it Date: 11-4-2011

    My problem is that I truly fear death. When I feel any pain, I immediately feel that I will die and leave my children. This fear makes me apprehensive and hinders me from leading a normal life. Please bear in mind that I have firm belief in Allaah The Almighty and I offer my prayers in their prescribed times as I fear Allaah The Almighty. Please advise... More

  • Disbelievers will be punished on Resurrection Day Date: 5-4-2011

    What will be the state of the disbelievers on the Day of Resurrection?.. More