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  • Seeing an evil omen is Shirk Date: 3-1-2006

    Asslam O Alaikum, Dear Scholars, State whether it is shirk or not in the cases included in my notes, please give detailed reasoning so that I can understand shirk clearly. 1)If one believes that pregnant women by doing work with knife in eclipse will hurt her baby; will it be shirk? 2)If one believes that mother by doing work with knife in.. More

  • Folding a prayer mat to protect if from Satan Date: 21-6-2005

    When a prayer mat is not being used does it have to be folded from the corner, it is common in the Asian community to fold a prayer mat if it is unused and they say that Satan will pray on it if it is open. Is that true? Can Satan not pray anywhere if he wanted to?.. More

  • Ghosts, etc. Date: 7-4-2005

    Is there a ghost? Like white lady, vampire,etc... More

  • Working on Friday after the Prayer Date: 7-3-2005

    Is it forbidden to wash clothes on Friday? Can we wash clothes or any other work after the Jumu'ah prayer? .. More

  • Eating food at the time of Maghrib prayer in Saudi Arabia Date: 24-2-2005

    Is it true that if we eat food at the time of Maghrib prayer, our ancestors who are dead cannot get food in Heaven? It's a common practise in my place not to eat during Maghrib due to this reason. Can you please explain in the light of Hadeeth and Sunnah? .. More

  • Haram marriage custom in India Date: 17-2-2004

    In my native India there is a marriage custom like taking a coconut and tying it all around with a red thread. Then on the 5th Friday after marriage the husband and his wife with their individual coconut called 'The coconut for preserving the womb' go and immerse it in a lake. Is there any Ahadith which confirms this? Or is it only a borrowing.. More

  • Significance of number 19 Date: 4-1-2004

    Does number 19 has special meaning in Islam? I was Catholic and since I converted to Islam many important things keep happening in my life almost every months on 19th. Plus I have feeling that everywhere I look I see number 19 (on the watch, etc.). I read in Qur'an that the world is based on number 19; also I read in Tafsir that there are the nineteen.. More

  • Beware of superstitions and fairy tales Date: 10-12-2003

    I heard people saying don't comb your hair in front of the door. I am confused, I don't know if it was taught by our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam). Is there any authentic Hadith saying this thing that don't comb hair in front of the door of the house?.. More

  • Number 19 in Islam Date: 12-1-2003

    Why is number 19 important in Islam?.. More

  • Times when One Is Not Allowed to Cut Hair, Nails, etc. Date: 12-1-2003

    Is it true that there are some days when it is not permissible for a Muslim to cut nails, hair, or wear new cloths? If yes, then what are those days and what are forbidden things during those days? .. More

  • Matters that reduce Rizq (livelihood) Date: 1-1-2003

    I have received an email which lists the THINGS THAT REDUCE "RIZQ". Are these THINGS based on Islamic concepts? Is there any supporting Sahi Hadith for any of these? I am listing only few of these THINGS below:_______________________________Rabbi ighfir wa anta khairu-raahimeenRabbana baark lanaa fee maa a'ataana, wa anta khiru-raaziqeenTHINGS THAT.. More

  • Festival of graveyard Date: 15-5-2002

    Is it Haram going to festival of grave yard (Awliya)?.. More

  • Her Family Does What Is Called Khatam Date: 26-1-2002

    Can you please tell me what to do. In our family there is a lot of Bid'aa. They believe in all the saints and Sufis. Often they do a Khatam (it comprises of Surah Al-Fatiha, Surah Al-Qadr, Surah An-Naas, Surah Al-Kafiroon, Surah Al-Falaq and the first Ruku of Surah Al-Baqra and in the end they send Salaam on the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam).. More

  • Islamic rule about Marabou activities Date: 24-5-2001

    I was in the Gambia last November and people use to do marabou activities. I want to know the legal and the illegal things short such... More

  • Circulating copies of Sheikh Ahmad gatekeeper of the Ka'bah's dream Date: 24-9-2000

    I received an email from a friend stating that the gatekeeper of the Ka'bah had a dream and I have to distribute five copies otherwise something very bad thing will happen to me or my family. Is it true or false? I want a detailed answer to send to my friend in US and he believes in these things... More